Streaming – Santa’s Paradox

Hello Lunatics, I know its been a while since I have posted any updates. The truth is Mystic Beast and I have not done much offline stuff. He may have posted a GTA recap, but there really isn’t thing new outside maybe my Hanger, but that’s another post. I wanted to explain my thoughts about why I haven’t streamed in the past couple of weeks. I know I mentioned in a previous cancellation notice on Discord that I would get something posted, where its late, but here it is.

I have contemplated many reasons why I am not streaming, some were legitmate reasons such as feeling ill, or working late, but a common phrase I have used myself is “I don’t feel like streaming”, and that’s not your guys fault, and I really wanted to dig into why I get that way sometimes. At the beginning of 2018 on Patreon I had a plan laid out and I discovered a lot of incomplete series. Sadly I did it once again, I started Prison Architect, I started Stellaris, and toward the end of the year I started Production Line. All of which are currently incomplete, though I have prison architect on YouTube, stellaris didn’t make it to YouTube, and production line has yet to get its first video on YouTube.


So here we are in 2019 and I have successfully failed twice with incomplete series. The paradox that I find my self in though is figuring out if I just like starting the beginning of the games that I feature, for example colonizing in Stellaris, vs the late game crisis and the planning in prison architect vs the actual building, or if I am just tired of playing nothing but a game for each stream and am just burned out. The first is harder to fix then the later. I have options if I am just getting burned out.

My hope is that is a matter of being burned out, and I see two primary ways to try to alleviate the issue. The first is running two series that I alternate, perhaps not specifically assigning a day to them like I tried with stellaris on fridays, but simply just have another series that I keep up on. There were many chill streams with zombies, minecraft, and a couple others that I streamed with the intention of not putting them on youtube. This was my first attempt to stream but not be play the game I am burned out on.

The other option is to change my stream schedule, that one is a bit harder, because I stream on Monday/tuesdays and Thursday/Fridays because I dont have to worry about work the next day, so if stream runs longer it doesn’t affect my sleep. I do have a goal of becoming an affiliate and two times a week gets me enough days in the month to qualify provided I do stream each of those days, but I also feel bad when I cancel on you guys, so I am not sure if I want to keep both days as definite stream days, or just guarantee at least one stream a week. The easiest for me is just to try running a few different series at a time in hopes that I will not be burned out and then take time to push them to youtube.

In conclusion, I hope this provides information on why I haven’t streamed, as I feel I boiled it down to either burn out, or a preference to the start of games. My plan is start with alternating games that I want on youtube, in hopes of preventing burnout, and lets see if we can get more completed series for 2019.

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