Software Inc. – Alpha to Beta – Improvement Never Stops

Greetings Lunatics, I wanted to start by apologizing for not getting any Journal updates in over a year. I look forward to changing that now. I’ll start with a game that I play off and on stream regularly. Software Inc was an early purchase, and have witnessed pleasant changes. My Youtube Channel has a series back in 2021,, North Pole Industries were I used a single founder. This update added Fire as a possible danger to occur. Later we have Beta 1/1.2 streamed which included Bikes, Subscriptions, and one of my favorite features, multiple founders. Lunatics Landing LLC was my take on a realistic scenario with Mystic Beast, Killer Wolf and Myself as software developers.

The Beginning – Alpha’s Summarized

Starting with verifiable information, I purchased Software Inc in August 2015. Perspective shows Alpha 5 released during that time. The 5.1 notes basically indicate the addition of the receptionist and ability to accept deals. However I wanted to discuss one of the major differences from the current modern Beta and the older Alphas, development was done using “Lines of Code”, this was changed to percents for ease of understanding. Early on development only showed a total number of lines, and the the progress colored bar to the end. It was quite common to overwork a product, or not work it enough affecting the overall quality. The revamped changes and use of iterations, to determine overall quality was a welcome change.

I also remember being excited with each major release. Alpha 7 was mostly a balance pass on the underlying simulation, however Alpha 8 was the feature overhaul, giving check boxes, patents, and research. I really enjoy deciding what feature I wanted to work on with software releases, the irony is that even though the same tools were available, they did different things making different users purchase the products. Building was overhauled including outdoor areas, and introduced cloning, saving me time with office and bathroom setups. Next up Alpha 10, giving us plots and leased areas. The idea of starting out small in leased areas, and then purchasing more plots or moving gave a sense of appreciated growth. This update also gave us external weather, Rain, Thunder, Snow, allowing paths and multistory car parks.

The Core Concept – Why I keep Playing

You may be thinking to yourself, why do the previous updates matter when the game is at Beta 1.7 (at the time of writing), and that is the updates themselves. The core concept of the game remains unchanged, you are a Development Company, whether that is the software programs, or hardware devices like consoles and phones, geared to design, develop and support your products. Core Dumping has done a fantastic job at keeping that core concept in place. Overhauling the simulation, balancing distribution, adding accounting/taxes, and more recently with 1.7 multiplayer has not changed the concept. I wish I had friends who enjoy this game as much as I do, because I would eagerly try multiplayer to see how our companies battle it out. The flow is tedious and repetitive, I always find myself going in the same pattern, 2d, audio, and OS. Because the audio tool uses the 2d tool, these products allow me to grow a large team to take on an OS. Once you have an OS out, your golden, with a few random software programs that go out every year with project management. Your not likely to go in debt, and that is with me playing on medium. The goal is to make a profit and I have done it all, Distribution, Rare Metals, and created subsidiaries to offload a program creation.

After I get a few released products with project management, I start a new game because I like the struggle. The tension of watching your bank drop to zero as you release a product, because you hired two employees. Then watching the money roll in so you can add another office and expand your building for the next team. All while doing contracts again because your not making as much as you want with marketing. The creativity is endless, between building layouts, software names, and using any combination of products. Starting with 2d and audio have always allowed me to save on licensing costs when making other products. I am not saying my method is best, but your options remain endless.

Conclusion – 10 years later

My purchase in August 2015 for less than 15 dollars was a steal for this game. Despite several price increases, you can still pick up Software Inc on Steam for 23 USD at this time. Who knows you can add it to your wishlist and get it on the next steam sale! Although I have not played the other game dev like tycoons, I have not felt the need to since this game keeps me entertained. Please share your thoughts on Software Inc on Youtube, or join us on Discord and talk about my adventures there.

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