Mystic’s Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Where to start, I originally started this playthrough because I had heard a lot of rumored improvements from players of the game when the game was originally released in 2020. This game as well as the publishers and directors at CD Projekt and CD Projekt Red got a lot of bad press upon release because of the sheer number of game breaking glitches. They were equally complimented however and praised on their dedication to fixing these a vast majority of these glitches. I was intrigued and drawn in to play because I had really enjoyed the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners and found myself wanting to delve into the world of Cyberpunk and Night City.

Character creation appearance wise felt vary limiting. Your standard basic character creation template with vary little ability to make advanced customization option regardless of gender identity. What really drew my attention was their attention to detail regarding attribute descriptions and skill trees. From the beginning, players quickly get an idea and a feel for how exactly they want their version of “V” to react to the world around them based on how attribute allocation affects V’s decisions throughout the game which I thought was impressive and reeled me in to wanting to see what would happen next.

One of the most impressive things by far is that seemingly frame for frame Night City is almost completely identical to how it is depicted in the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners. So right off the bat the graphics of this game playing through it were absolutely phenomenal and drew you in even more if you watched the anime series. Something even more interesting is I found out the story premise of the game takes place years after the final conclusion of the main protagonist “David” in Cyberpunk Edgerunners. If you knew this, it makes the atmosphere of Night City seem even more real as you catch reminders of what David and his crew went through during their time in Night City.

I won’t go too much into weapon modification in this review partly because I hardly ever utilized it throughout my playthrough but from what I’ve seen on both the components screen and the weapons screen there is actually a lot of different ways you can customize your weapons in this game. Weather your going for melee or guns a blazing, each mod helps fundamentally change the way the weapon reacts and handles in your characters hands. Definitely worth looking into.

The story of Cyberpunk 2077 is interesting as the game lets you choose between three adventure starting points. Street kid, Nomad, or Corpo. Naturally I went with Street kid. The opening cinematic really drew me in as I got to know NPC characters Jackie Well’s and T-Bug. As for questlines, the more you progress the more convoluted the main questlines get but I think that is the point. You see, when you access the main screen each quest is tied to three main storylines of the game but it’s hard to tell which ones are attached to which storyline at least that is how is was for me. Vary soon you realize the only way to figure out where your going to end up is to keep completing quests. Which are all vary engaging from gigs, the cyber psycho busting, or even personal NPC favors. Venturing Night City is a reward all on it’s own.

Now I will mention before I conclude this review of Cyberpunk 2077. The only thing that I found discouraging is vary rarely your game will freeze, or even glitch at the worst times. Vital moments during boss fights or even fighting cyber psycho’s. It can be troublesome and annoying however I will say thanks to the games autosaving feature you will not have to replay entire questlines over and over again. Should your game freeze, you shouldn’t have to restart too far back. In conclusion I had a lot of fun playing Cyberpunk 2077 and recommend new players beat the game at least once to see one of “V’s” many endings. If you read all the way through this review I want to thank you so much for reading what I have say.

~Stay Strong Everyone. Thank You Vary Much.

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