We are Official Now – Lunatics Landing LLC is Formed

Greetings Lunatics, although thought about, becoming a business was always moved on our To Do List. Personally I have researched the benefits repeatedly and finally had a moment to sit and and evaluate the entire process of making it official. I am proud to say that Lunatics Landing is now officially an Ohio Limited Liability Company. I can now safely separate my finances without being barred by restrictions. At the core Lunatics Landing has not changed, I still plan to provide online content and of course would love to have Mystic Beast and Killer Wolf join me in that endeavor.

One of the biggest changes organizing under a Company name has allowed me to do is open a New Merchandise store. Once I am able to get Mystic Beast’s and Killers Wolf’s agreement I will be able to add their brands to it as well. Using a central store allows us to have one link on our page displaying all of the different products available for all of our streamers. I like many streamers before me have chosen Teespring as our store of choice, I am surprised by the amount of products we can design and hope that everyone finds something that like. Even on a central store you can support your favorite streamers by purchasing their branded items that we add. All of our items can be seen on our store front at https://merch.lunaticslanding.com/.

Lunatics Landing LLC still has a long way to grow and as we each make the adjustment to be further unified by official documentation, we look forward to working with our fellow lunatics. Join our discord to share your thoughts and hang out with us.

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We review each suggestion carefully and try to determine the best member to play the game, however if you have a member in mind, include it in your reasoning. Also if you would like to be credited for the suggestion feel free to include your Twitch name and not only will you be notified when we start playing your chosen game, we will be sure to mention it on the video.