Crew Members

Lunatics Landing is a group of people who play a variety of games. Each member plays a different set of games, as well as collaborate on games of similar interest. Our goal is to ensure every one has a good time in each of our unique ways. We offer direct paypal support if your interested in subscribing to us directly.


Santa has been making video content off and on since 2012; However it didn’t get extremely regular until 2015 when he did Ocarina of Time on the Game Cube. He plays a variety of Strategy and Simulation games, which has stretched to include a lot of indie games like Prison Architect, Software Inc, SimAirport, and much more. The strategy games include many paradox titles such as Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, and Crusader Kings II. Santa became a Twitch Affiliate at the end of July 2022. Your welcome to subscribe via Twitch, or through PayPal to give him a larger cut of the funds.

Mystic Beast

Mystic Beast appears regularly on santa’s channel, but has uploaded videos to youtube. He prides himself as a Survival/fighting style streamer, but has played various Call of Duty games. He primarily plays on his ps4, and his library includes 7 days to Die, Dark Souls, and Dead Island. Mystic became a Twitch Affiliate early January 2023. Your welcome to subscribe via Twitch, or through PayPal give him a larger cut of the funds.

Killer Wolf

Killer Wolf plays several PS4 games most notably Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Their focus is on  FPS and Racing games and frequently have friends that join them in their gamming adventures. Although they are not an Affiliate, you may subscribe through PayPal.