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Lunatics Landing is a group of gamers. We love playing multiplayer games with each other and also each have our own unique tastes. Lunatics Landing first appeared in 2012, with Mystic and Santa sharing there opinions of the world; However later in 2018 the website was revamped with a prime focus on games.

The renewed focus on games has allowed Lunatics Landing to incorporate both Twitch and Youtube on the website, since these were key platforms for the content they were streaming; However, because we have strong opinions we decided to keep a blog and also share our opinions and various game log events. You will find these as well as other website announces on the Journal.

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Mystic’s Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Where to start, I originally started this playthrough because I had heard a lot of rumored improvements from players of …

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Software Inc. – Alpha to Beta – Improvement Never Stops

Greetings Lunatics, I wanted to start by apologizing for not getting any Journal updates in over a year. I look …

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Streaming Tabletop Games – why do we only play them?

The answer is Quality, greetings everyone, today I wanted to talk about various tabletop board games, and even touch on …

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