Who I am

How I Started
I started due to watching Santa2452 on twitch, I saw him playing a zelda game, after watching through a great chunk of it, I thought, I wanna be just like him, I want to stream games I love, I want to be that person someone might come across randomly and just be the reason for them to start like how santa2452 was that person for me.

Why Wolves?
One day I was going through facebook and I came across a picture of a wolf that someone took at the zoo, and ever since that day I’ve just been hooked on them, ever since 2014 I’ve found pictures all over online of wolves, between real, drawing, and even animated, and once I found wolf drawings in 2018, I myself began working on drawing wolves. By 2019 I mastered it, they were perfect, and that’s how my wolf fascination began, and the one thing I know is that it will never change.