Streaming Tabletop Games – why do we only play them?

The answer is Quality, greetings everyone, today I wanted to talk about various tabletop board games, and even touch on roleplaying games. We try to be everywhere, so you may have seen us post updates on Facebook, or even listened to our Lunatics Banter Podcast, specifically on our podcast we did touch on roleplaying games. Now that I have established that we talked about this before, lets talk about why its not streamed live.

My biggest concern at the moment has been quality, I officially only have one camera, as you know from my facecam, position of this single camera to see all of us or the board game is difficult. Next obstical is Location, tables are easily setup, but my computer room, where the cameras need to be plugged into isn’t big enough for a large game setup. I have other rooms, but I may need to use a laptop, which wouldn’t be as powerful as my desktop.

We certainly enjoy all of the games we have played though, XCOM the board game, Pandemic is another popular option for us, and by popular I mean we have two versions of the game, and then we have a few others that we play once in a while. The ones I realy want us to try, is my Star Trek Adventures campaign, Mystic Beast and KillerWolf are players, and we had a lot of fun talking about those sessions.

To summarize, We are actively working for ways to setup a stream of board games, but its not on our higher priority list, in fact for those of you that want to make it a reality, you may provide your support by donating to Lunatics Landing directly, joining my patreon, or even supporting our streamers directly using their donate options. No matter how you support us, we work together to make our dreams a reality, after we pay for our server though.

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