About Me

Gaming Life
I like to consider myself to be a vary objective based gamer whose focus happens to be first person shooters among other genre’s including horror, strategy, and role playing.  I regularly co-star on Santa’s twitch channel to make sure there isn’t alot of dead air going on during his live-streams.  I heavily enjoy playing co-op games especially with other goal oriented players. I’m pretty flexible however in the sense that if I know I’m just playing with someone to have fun, I won’t care as much about objective based play but I will always prefer it.

I use my twitch/youtube channels not only as a way to connect with anyone who may watch my content but also to just keep a log of all the accomplishments and funny moments I’ve had through various game titles with or without friends.  I think streaming games is a vary worthwhile experience especially when your playing with people you enjoy playing with. Overall I tend to try my best at any game I can get my hands on.

Personal Life
I’ve said before on my youtube intro that I wouldn’t go too much into private life regarding personal matters but there are things I am more than happy to share with my viewers. I love gaming, you already knew that but I also hold a passion for personal fitness, martial arts, and nature. I loved camping before I got kicked out of boy scouts and I’ve been agnostic since I was 7 years old. I’ve had a rough childhood but who honestly hasn’t at this point. I can come off as a vary outspoken person but in reality I just like reflection, growth, and thinking out loud most of the time. Some of the biggest bands that got me through high school are Blink 182, Drowning Pool, Sum41, and Fort Minor. I could go on but I think I will save the rest for questions later on.

Stay Strong, Happy Gaming