Gta 5 Online: Looking Back

I feel like this is long over due since it’s awhile since Santa payed his good friend to turn this website into what it is now so I figured I’d start by talking about my experience with a widely popular well hated game Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

As you guys can see my character is on his bunker bed reminiscing about how far he has come in the world of Los Santos with the help of his friend Santa.

When Santa and I started out in Gta 5 Online I was looking forward to doing alot of story based missions alongside him. When you first create your character, your met up with Lamar, Franklins most questionable best friend. He requests you choose a car to race with and little does the player know, you actually get the keep the car raced in. For me that was the Albany Primo. I was psyched. I didn’t care if my car was scrap metal. That was until Santa and I finally spawned into a lobby. As level 1 players in lobbies of 20 plus players or more we were either shot in the face for something as little looking at the map on the side walk or our cars would get blown up because players thought it was funny. We didn’t think it was.

To our dismay Santa and I both discovered that in the city of Los Santos you need to spend money to make money. Being level 1 players all we could afford to do was Lamar missions, daily objectives, mini games, and eventually the Fleeca Heist. Now as low level players in the world of Los Santos it is a perpetual hell most people either give up on or power through and boy did Santa and I power through that city of nightmares so much so that we moved out of the city the second we could afford it. I can’t tell you how many times we tried to complete the break into the military and escape like hell objective just to get 10 grand, it sucked. Sometimes we escaped, most times we didn’t, it was a real grind fest for us but slowly and surely learned to strategically stay in lobbies with low numbers and eventually Santa was able to afford to talk to Lester about the Fleeca Hiest.

Now when we did the Fleeca Hiest I was honestly ecstatic. I didn’t care if I was getting the lower payout 40 grand plus setup bonuses was still a hell of alot more than just getting 10 grand a day. I was thrilled. Until I learned that robbing Fleeca was literally the only thing we would be doing for months straight. It made sense, it put us in a private lobby just the two of us and we made a hell of alot more cash then doing anything else we could do in the game at the time but god was it tiring doing it over and over again.

With this amount of persistence in grinding though 100k 3 or 4 times a day we eventually were able to afford the first worthwhile car that would carry us through tons of missions in Gta 5 Online. The Kuruma. The car is a durable as they come yet it didn’t ever stop higher level players and even hackers from blowing them up but being able to afford Fleeca Heists we were able to continue raising our fortunes. Santa became the proud owner of both a counterfeit cash business and a document forgery. I was reluctant to become a business man as I did not like the whole idea of spending money to make money but eventually I poured my assets into becoming a gun salesmen shortly after helping him afford an underground facility.

Dooms Day Heist Pays Off

Guys I want to let you guys know it was at this point Santa and I both felt like our grinding really did pay off because not only was there a great story circling The Doomsday Heist but the payout combined with the completion bonuses were absolutely extraordinary even for the person getting the lower payout. Santa was able to afford an Avenger and I graduated into not only being a gun salesmen but I also started selling pot on the side. Santa and I were able to quickly determined that the Bogdan Problem was a vary grind worthy heist to complete with the promise of almost 200k plus setup bonuses for me and a little over 1 million dollars for Santa himself. It was a gold mine.

However there were a few setbacks, this heist does come with its own set of annoyances one being the retrieval of Strombergs thrown about Los Santos or perhaps putting out fires in a riot van on a time crunch or even plowing through a heavily armed factory to pull out a glitched agent who doesn’t know how to walk down stairs. In spite of all these minor problems Santa and I are finally in situation where we can make alot of money without even having to touch heists.

Mysticbeasts checking his merchandise

This all pretty much leads up to what I feel needs to be said about Gta 5 Online. Guys it’s a really grindy game sometimes it’s outright terrible to its player base and I acknowledge that but if you got a good friend and time to kill Santa and I made it through the city of Los Santos without ever once buying a shark card or even asking for handouts. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online can be a rewarding game if your willing to put up with it’s player base and poor expense choices from Rockstar itself. Santa and I are proof that you can go from being a level 1 players with nothing and literally make it too the top together. We’re level 100 players now and yea we still get blown up, our cars get exploded, and even our missions fail because of trolls who just don’t want you to succeed but you know how to deal with those people? 🙂

Fuck Their Shit Up

Stay Strong Everyone 😉 -Mysticbeast

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