Grand Theft Auto: The Doomsday Heist

Hello Lunatics, I bring you the latest from Mystic Beast and I’s GTA adventures. Now earlier this week we actually completed all the preps and setup missions, which annoyed us a lot since we had to complete four of them before it would let us complete the fifth one. Once we got the fifth one finished however we knew all that was left was the finale.

Today was the day we wanted to dedicate the time for it, now using Act I and Act II as reference points we didn’t expect a lot difficulty, however we did it first because completing the heist would mean achieving our current goal to get the Avenger and the Mobile Operation Center. Ironically the payout which at a dickish move on my part of 85% would mean close to 1.6 million after all the bonuses were checked, since it was our first time, and we completed them all in order. Mystic Beast didn’t really complain about the 15% because after bonuses he was able to purchase the mobile operation center after running a sell mission for the bunker which didn’t take us long.

I was happy to take the avenger for a test flight, however apparently I cant use the avenger when serving mystic beast, and after understanding all the customization options I knew I needed to sell my counterfeit cash. Once this mission was done, I was happy to modify my avenger.

I tried to incorporate a variety of Lunatics Landing Colors. Our GTA crew color specifically is as close to the purple we use on the site as Rockstar would allow. You cant see it in this picture but there is an emblem on the stairs but since they are down in this picture it isn’t visible. I may have used red in the facility as a color that speaks to me personally, but I love blue, and it was a darker color that helped with the hints of purple. Next up is Mystic Beast who also customized his Mobile Operations Center.

Although it doesn’t look like much, The red really outlines the truck in my opinion, and the color combination of Red and Black brings back memories for Mystic Beast and I. When I drove it on his supply run, I thought it moved rather quickly, though I haven’t master trailer turning while in reverse.

In conclusion we both reached our goals, and I have set my sights on a night club to help my cash factory. After playing all three acts on the Doomsday Heist, I can safely say it was a great story and encourage everyone to play all of them, however Mystic Beast and I have agreed that we are interested in replaying Act II as it seems like a tolerable grind, and who knows once we get good and start playing on hard it will be worth the million payout that the final act gave us.

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