Grand Theft Auto V: Facility Accomplishment

Hello Lunatics,

Grand Theft Auto is one game that I am reluctant to stream, however it doesn’t mean I dont play it. Today marks a great accomplishment, really this whole holiday weekend. Between grinding Fleeca Heists, VIP missions, and with the help of the facility sales currently going on, I was finally able to get my facility. I of course had Mystic Beast helping me through the hole process, but with nearly 3 million spent, I was able to get all of the features I was looking for, with the recently renovated security room added.

I choose the Route 68 Facility because it wasn’t far from my counterfeit cash factory. In fact it is just down the road, I also read that some of the heists may be easier from these facility. I haven’t played the Doomsday Heist, but the introduction was intriguing. I opted for the prestige quarters and the prestige lounge, which as you can see Mystic Beast decided to get drunk and have a bit of fun walking around. Overall I am really excited at what this facility provides, and currently my next goal is the Avenger, though I am temped to grab a weaponized vehicle before that major purchase.

The next accomplishment was Mystic beast getting a Bunker, though we are still not sure how we feel about it, we did get it setup and it started making product, because he didn’t want to start research yet. He regrets getting transportation, but I still drive them around because he has them. I personally think the blue worked nicely on the walls, at least compared to the more expensive possibility of yellow which for us looked horrible on the preview picture.

I personally was happy to see that the warehouse space was filling up even at the small amount of product, it started looking like a bunker should. We both were generally overwhelmed by the mere size of the maps compared to say our homes or even my clubhouse. Mystic Beast did say he would focus on the Mobile Operations Unit, if not to simply understand its purpose. We both have our goals in mind and now that we both have new places to spawn, we may be able to fit even more missions in our sessions.

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