Lunatics Landing is Reborn

Hello Lunatics, at least that will be what both Mystic Beast and I call our viewers from this point forward. First however, let me tell you a little history about this website. I have taken many different iterations. This for all intents and purposes was originally a blog. We found many things to talk about, and had discussed a variety of topics.

The original lunatic bunnies we used for our website fit well, we were always crazy about our topics, we talked about various holidays and what it meant for us, to talking about different experiences. We even had a couple of very opinionated statements, I know myself I posted many dictionary loops, such as laughter, and at one point even defined levels of friendship. The website also had a few other sections regarding other interests of mine, and although they had decent content it wasn’t updated much either. This suited our needs back then, but as the year past we stop writing, and I think that is when we focused more on Twitch and Youtube.

Our goal with this rebirth is to make that our focus. I wanted to do it right, and although the above logo may be temporary it works for now. With the help of Brandon, I was able to get the website redesigned with a single focus in mind: Gaming. I wanted to incorporate both Youtube and Twitch because those are the places videos of our journey can be found. Each member of Lunatics Landing (currently two), has their own page to do as they wish, feature videos from youtube, and of course watching the stream anytime they may go live. I am proud of this site, and hope that this will solidify what Mystic Beast and I want to accomplish, a place for everyone to have a good time. I may still be working out a few kinks, but feel free to browse each of our pages to learn just a little bit more about us, and checkout videos you may or may not have seen from our Youtube channels.

Suggest a Game

Have a game that you’d love to see us play? Do you just want to Torture us?
Submit a request and explain why!

We review each suggestion carefully and try to determine the best member to play the game, however if you have a member in mind, include it in your reasoning. Also if you would like to be credited for the suggestion feel free to include your Twitch name and not only will you be notified when we start playing your chosen game, we will be sure to mention it on the video.