Roleplay Project

Hello Lunatics, I know we havn’t shared a lot of information on our journal, however a few things have been in the works. Things our changing for me on a personal level, but at the gaming level Mysticbeast and I love to roleplay. You may remember Elvian Rebirth, a few times me and Mysticbeast would play to our character and try to speak and roleplay as them. But we found out we both like writing way better, as you can see we had utilized the chat system many times despite being in discord.

I wanted to have a roleplay experience for everyone though, not just Mysticbeast and Myself, the result is creating a forum for it all to take place. The site still needs a bit of work, but most of the project time was spend getting the forums laid out in a reasonable method. With any good roleplay, we needed a universe the decision wasn’t too difficult, but we chose Star Trek. We both like watching it, and both fantasize about our ranks and careers. If you want to participate in the universe you can check it out at

Suggest a Game

Have a game that you’d love to see us play? Do you just want to Torture us?
Submit a request and explain why!

We review each suggestion carefully and try to determine the best member to play the game, however if you have a member in mind, include it in your reasoning. Also if you would like to be credited for the suggestion feel free to include your Twitch name and not only will you be notified when we start playing your chosen game, we will be sure to mention it on the video.