Welcoming a New Team Member

Today, though it happened last night, I wanted to officially Welcome Killer Wolf into our crazy team of Lunatics. Personally I have always viewed them as a member of our team, their eagerness to stream and play games is a welcome addition to our team. Killer Wolf joined our GTA crew really early in their gaming track and is always looking to join our streams, however scheduling rarely works out. We are pleased to welcome their audience to the Lunatics Family and hope the fresh content brought by Killer Wolf’s tastes and their streaming schedule provides more options for our existing Lunatics witness the craziness that comes with being a Lunatic.

Mystic Beast is expected to resume streaming soon and has been keeping us all updated on our discord about his plans. With three lunatics members there will be plenty of content for everyone to enjoy. The only one with a set schedule is myself, making consistent streams at 11pm, however, between Mystic Beast and Killer Wolf, I expect very little overlap in streams, unless we are all participating in each others streams. As with all Lunatics Members, I look forward to the topics Killer Wolf will write about. Be sure to check our their member page, or chat with us on discord.

Suggest a Game

Have a game that you’d love to see us play? Do you just want to Torture us?
Submit a request and explain why!

We review each suggestion carefully and try to determine the best member to play the game, however if you have a member in mind, include it in your reasoning. Also if you would like to be credited for the suggestion feel free to include your Twitch name and not only will you be notified when we start playing your chosen game, we will be sure to mention it on the video.