Mortal Kombat 11: Earth Realmer

Mortal Kombat is one of those games that I had always been drawn to even as a child I remember being both scared and fascinated with the lore behind the idea of Mortal Kombat. Fighters from distant realms would compete in a tournament granted by elder gods to determine the victors wishes which usually fell to peace across all realms or domination of a chosen realm for the next generation…Hence Earth Realmers were always sent to defend earth realms sacred temple.

On a more serious note Johnny Cage from the original Mortal Kombat Arcade Game all the way to Mortal Kombat 11 has been my favorite character and the person I main because tho he may seem overconfident he often gets overlooked by some of the most fearsome opponents from other realms. In addition, even when odds don’t seem well for Earth Realm his faith as an Earth Realm fighter is inextinguishable because of his borderline arrogance to his capabilities when everyone doubts him.

Now for the real deal. I want to shed some light on Mortal Kombat 11 as a game without spoiling too much because it is one of the games I can say has some really amazing strengths and some rather disappointing flaws compared to other titles I have played. Many of you already know I have been dormant for about 2 years because certain things in my life happened that make it inconvenient for me to stream. That does not mean I have stopped playing games and Mortal Kombat 11 is a game that I can safely say is a really good stress reliever.

The animation is done beautifully as well as the voice actors gathered almost pull you into the story when witnessing the intro’s to every fight. Every intro gives you a small piece to both old and new information that has echoed through both the current tournament taking place and old tournaments that took place generations ago. Granted it is disappointing to know that the story from MK1 all the way to MK11 has been retconned to hell and back they still play off some pretty interesting concepts and the events noted the most are often the ones that generally are accepted as Lore by the community.

Something absolutely unique about MK11 is the fact that it is one of the few games that has a clearer way to practice those difficult button combination moves that allow you to string, juggle, and combine various combos denoted toward the characters you like the most.

Understand, no MK11 game has had a practice format system quite like this. The Practice menu even allows you to see the button combinations you are pressing as you press them to visibly see your mistakes as you make them. This in turn made me a better Johnny Cage player because when I would get desperate I used to resort to button mashing and uppercuts, but now I know exactly what buttons to press to combo off even when I find myself within inches of death.

Story mode was also vary thought provoking if you have played previous games not because of where the story is going but because like I said with the intro’s it is filled with remnants of past Mortal Kombat Games and the characters associated with them. If your new to Mortal Kombat the story may come off as a bit…Meh but that’s ok you can still enjoy beating the hell out of AI’s and if your lucky, active players.

Now for the disappointments.

Famous Nut Puncher

Mortal Kombat 11 tries too hard to appease it’s audience. Yep, you heard it right from yours truly. Let me explain. Having a couple of characters from other universes be tied into Mortal Kombat can be an amazing thing especially when they tell it in a vary enticing way. But more often than not MK11 doesn’t do a vary good job at explaining how or why these DLC characters even came to be in the world of Mortal Kombat.

Now don’t get me wrong some of these explanation are buried within MK 11’s intros however *Spoilers!* The Joker is obsessed with Batman, so the Joker being the only DLC character from Gotham to take place in MK11’s Tournament seems rather unfitting. The same can be said for characters like Spawn and The Terminator. Although I will say the spin they put on The Terminator was creative to say the least.

I want to point out that I also did not like the fact that the developers designed MK11 to be a micro transnational game. This was vary off setting for me granted alot of the collectibles were cool it just didn’t feel like mortal kombat if you could just buy things you wanted instead of earning them in Mortal Kombat. However I will also give credit where credit it due there are some items you simply must earn by fighting, so kudos.

Lastly, if you are not competitive this game gravitational excitement can only last so long when you are playing alone becouse eventually once the excitement from the lore rubs off all your really left with is another really cool looking fighter game where each person beats eachother to death until your bored but I suppose that’s what winning a tournament for a bedazzled belt buckle is for. Stay Strong Everything. This has been MysticBeast. Thank You For Reading.

*SPOILERS!* Not My Video But It Drives The Point Home.

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