Discord – Join Us

Hello Lunatics, I wanted to express information about our Discord server. The link has been on the bottom our page, and it needs some love. I am always on discord, and Mystic Beast joins every now and then, and although we haven’t been streaming, we are happy to carry on a conversation with any of our fellow Lunatics.

Couch Bot is our neighborhood stream announcer. As you know not all of our posts here are to announce when we go live, however if your part of our discord server This guy will post the minute we are Live, or even when we get a new video on YouTube. Join us by using the Invite code (or link): 0UtlVBFznpfr4zmF. If you interested in Role Play games, such as our Star Trek RPG, or just want to discus things like DnD and Star Trek Adventures, just let us know by typing “I want to roleplay” and Couch Bot will have you covered.

Another place that needs some love is Patreon, I started patreon a while ago, and it was to allow anyone to support us how ever they please. I usually will post various plans for streams before I post them anywhere else. Those who support me, get those early updates, recognition in both discord and my videos, and a VIP role on our Minecraft Server: minecraft.lunaticslanding.com. If your interested you may check it out at https://www.patreon.com/santa2452.

Suggest a Game

Have a game that you’d love to see us play? Do you just want to Torture us?
Submit a request and explain why!

We review each suggestion carefully and try to determine the best member to play the game, however if you have a member in mind, include it in your reasoning. Also if you would like to be credited for the suggestion feel free to include your Twitch name and not only will you be notified when we start playing your chosen game, we will be sure to mention it on the video.