Hope – a Powerful Motive

I have told many of you the in the past that I consider myself an optimist. I began to question as time went on, but with recent events, I can safely say that I am still an optimist and it got me thinking about why. I bring you one possibility, hope, this is actually a […]

My Love for Wolves

I love wolves they were always my love I don’t really know how it came to my love but somehow or someway it did become my love and every since I was about…6-7 when I started really liking them and I found as many pictures as I could of wolves anime wolves real wolves you […]

Lunatics Update – Where did we Go!!

Hey Lunatics, I know its been a while since we posted, however a lot has happened within the past year alone, and I know no topics have been posted for two years, but I do what we can to update when possible. The minecraft server is still running, though I havn’t been on it, so […]

Mine Craft Server Updated

Happy New Year, with the arrival of the new year, I decided to do maintenance on the server. NodeCraft has been wonderful, but has notified me that they will be moving the server on the 25th of January, however this will not change anything on your end, it does mean that I have to update […]

Personality – The Meaning Behind Words

Ever been in a situation where words that are spoken are unclear, perhaps you heard them, but the words used have definitive meanings. What about the words that have multiple meanings, how can anyone be sure of the words spoken, when the words used have multiple meanings. You may say tone, which itself has multiple […]

Bottled Emotions

The irony of this topic has perplexed me, and I am happy to say that even though we have been wanting to talk about this topic for months, the time has come to ensure a complete somewhat biased opinion on Bottling emotions. Although it may not look good that we took forever to get to […]

Alternate Dimensions

Last night was a debate spanning multiple topics. I have talked with Karateka in the past, but last night we got into one of our many two hour debates, sometimes they last long, other times we just cover one or two topics. Although this debate spanned multiple topics, I am only going to focus on […]

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