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My Love for Wolves

I love wolves they were always my love I don’t really know how it came to my love but somehow or someway it did become my love and every since I was about…6-7 when I started really liking them and I found as many pictures as I could of wolves anime wolves real wolves you name it I most likely had it and I always try and make my username based upon wolves, whether it be killer Wolf, shadow wolf, dark wolf, anything with wolf would be my username. its hard to come up with a username with wolf in it sometimes it may be hard but from time to time it’s easy but from time to time it is very hard to come up with one. If I’m having a day where I can’t think but most days I can think but my love for wolves it probably never leave and someday I want a wolf as a pet I don’t care if it’s not allowed I will find my own way to have a wolf as a pet for now that’s it goodbye.