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Lunatics Update – Where did we Go!!

Hey Lunatics, I know its been a while since we posted, however a lot has happened within the past year alone, and I know no topics have been posted for two years, but I do what we can to update when possible.

The minecraft server is still running, though I havn’t been on it, so that is always an option for creative minds. I have also been working on other projects, and I may call them small, but that is because I am not dedicating a lot of time to them, but really it just a big project that came to mind recently.

I can tell you Karateka is still around, in fact he is also helping with our next project for lunatics landing. I know you may look at the tracker and say nothing has changed, but that is because even though they are all good topics, it does require us to make sure we are detailed enough to show our opinion. The last thing we want is to give an opinion without facts. I know I can spent an hour or two drafting a post, but that is because it is going to have the detail I hope you as readers will enjoy. I may have to talk more with Karateka but perhaps we can start working through the tracker again to get posts going.

The goal of this post however is more of an update. We have moved, in fact I am hoping I can get the lunatics family active again. That includes Cat Lady with all her food options. Perhaps a new author so that Karateka and myself are not all alone. The idea is that we are not dead, and if you are around facebook, we continue to get likes so I wish I could actually have new updated material for everyone to read.

In fact after this update post, i will being working on a fresh topic, not listed in the tracker for all of your amusement.