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Mine Craft Server Updated

Happy New Year, with the arrival of the new year, I decided to do maintenance on the server. NodeCraft has been wonderful, but has notified me that they will be moving the server on the 25th of January, however this will not change anything on your end, it does mean that I have to update the ip address of the server then. We have 20 or days to make use of these updates before the move and I already had some help outlining Spawn with Stone markers. The server use to be run on Minecraft 1.6 but the Yogscast Complete Pack have been updated and integrated in the Resonant Rise 3 modepack. This has allowed me to update to Minecraft 1.7.


This update also means that you will need to create a new instance or use your existing Resonant Rise 3 instance to connect to our server. If you would rather create a new one, we are using the Project Flux sub-pack totaling roughly 214 different mods to choose from. If you need more information on our server you can check out the MineCraft Server page. I would also like to warn any users that although the update was greatly needed, this has caused an increase in memory usage, so until I upgrade the server I have limited the number of players joining to be roughly 10-15, now this is still under review and if any of your care to donate for the upgrade, you can donate directly to my host by visiting my Co-Op Vault.


Minecraft – Vanilla or Modded?

We recently launched a server last week, and although it is based on the Yogscast Complete Pack, this does make it a modded server. The question then came to my head regarding the reason I choose this pack, or any pack at all. My answer always tended to come to the conclusion that it allows flexibility and options. I failed to released that the mere fact that it is using the Yogscast Complete pack I increased the requirements of running minecraft on a computer.

My Goal of this server was to allow the Readers and Authors of Lunatics Landing to connect in a environment of pure creativity, and possibilities. This goal has lead me to helping my roommates setup minecraft on there computers, and in that feat we have run into many technical problems, and my opens were open to how painful it really can be to setup the client to connect to our server. The technical requirements for vanila may be easily met, but the added load from using the mods in the yogscast complete pack, or merely loading them, adds extra stress to the computer. Several of you may be aware of the Vanilla Requirements, and the honest truth is both my room mates both meet the minimum 2 GB of RAM, though they actually have 3Gb, but not the recommended 4Gb. With that in mind I had them try playing vanilla minecraft, and they still experienced a few issues, although a lot less severe, allowing them to actually play the game.

A solution that I can easily come to would be to inform all of you that at the moment since I am running a modded server, that you check the system requirements and follow the recommended requirements before attempting to connect to the server, this would alievate some of the more severe lag from loading up the word. My computer may have 8GB of RAM installed, but Minecraft, when I am on the Lunatics Server, my computer is using roughly 5 or 6 GB of RAM, and it is running smoothly, but keep in mind that to get Java to run more than 3GB of memory, you do need the 64 bit version of Java 7 for the ATL launcher.

The question still remains though, if it is difficult to setup the client to connect to the lunatics landing server, why not just run a vanilla server. The answer in this case would be that remains to be the options modded minecraft offer, increasing the many different creative setups that can be thrown together. The builders wand from extra utilities, to the various machines that product massive quantities of materials, they all assist in creating the best visualization of our thoughts.

Perhaps in the future, when life permits, I may add another server purely vanilla for all the readers that want the minecraft experience, but at the moment, we only have one server setup. If you have any additional questions about the server or the client setup, please comment below, or contact me at techgeek@lunaticslanding.com

MineCraft Saga

In a land where time was forgotten, and all hope was lost, a new age has dawned before us. You have read our thoughts, asked us questions, provided your opinions, but the time has come to visualize those thoughts and opinions.



I have been in the process of setting up a server for a several friends of mine, I am curious on how fast this will take effect. This will be a modded server based on the Yogscast Complete Pack, and is hosted by NodeCraft. I will be bringing the Server online later today when I have all the information posted on Lunatics Landing, I will have a resource pack and exact information posted.


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