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Bottled Emotions

The irony of this topic has perplexed me, and I am happy to say that even though we have been wanting to talk about this topic for months, the time has come to ensure a complete somewhat biased opinion on Bottling emotions. Although it may not look good that we took forever to get to this topic, I feel that the wait has given me the experience I need to accurately state my opinion.

Everyone has a limit, and surprisingly that includes me, before I moved out it was not clear how well my emotions were hidden, and what affect they have on my surroundings, but once I moved out and have lived out with a couple of roommates, I have considered my self to pop a bit, maybe not explode, but I have definitely popped. The limit is merely an estimation of how much can be contained. I feel that it is always a bad idea to bottle all emotions up, both negative and positive results can happen. I will admit that sometimes holding back is beneficial, when you already have emotions held back it becomes increasingly difficult to hold more back.

The end result of holding an overwhelming amount of emotions can cause the bottle to pop, or even explode with negative emotions spilling out, wanting to be known. I have been away from my parents home for a year, and can only say that I have popped, or exploded Once, maybe twice. The result of this was a massive desire to tell everyone what I wanted done and when to do it, basically at this explosive point that was immediately.

I take pride in my ability to maintain control during these undesirable situations, however no amount of control can prevent a negative aura from filling the area once the bottle explodes. The amount of control affects how much can be bottled up, and once filled control may help restrict how fast the information comes out, but once its out that is when everyone is staring at you with that dumbfounded look that makes them think twice.

When I have moved out, several agreements were made, one to keep our friendship regardless of what happens, and to remain open and prevent our bottles from filling up. This has effectively allowed our living situation to maintain a level of calmness and relaxation that keeps us all in a good mood. Our explosions have been reduced to once or twice each, sure we all have control, but that is what has allowed us to hold conferences to let out emotions in a safe, relaxing, and sometimes laughable environment.

Personality has a major role in determining the size of the bottle, those with shy personalities have a larger bottle by nature because they want to stay quite, others who are more sociable, may have a shorter bottle since they talk a lot more. Attitude is another factor, those with a positive nature may find themselves with larger bottles because they try to handle negative situations with by finding the good things, while those with a negative nature may find them selves with shorter bottles, because everything is flawed and fill the bottle up one way or another. Control in my opinion can then be the lid that allows information to come out, or go in, with the right control, you can find the right time, safe place, to relieve the stress and emotion that is bottled up, or prevent a negative situation from getting worse by solving the problem as it comes so it doesn’t need to be bottled up.

Today I find myself bottling up less, being more open, and finding that balance between when to bottle emotions, and when to release them. This has caused me to be in a more happier mood, as mentioned by several people, and to understand and stop things from getting worse. So I ask my readers, have you noticed an impact on your life from bottled emotions, have you made changes to live a happier and more enjoyable life?