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We welcome our viewers to see the visual interpretation of our thoughts and goals. We may even have a little fun here and there, the amazing world when our minds collide will be awakened in Mine Craft. Although I am happy to allow friends and guests join the server, there are only a limited number of players allowed at one time. The main objective here is to collide ideas, not destroy them, as a result, massive destruction of anyone’s, but your own, creation without prior permission can and will result in a ban. Minior Damage can be tolerated, such as creeper explosions, and may not even be avoidable, but intentionally using redmatter, icbm and other massive destructive mods without targets permission will be banned.

Resonant Rise

The server is based off the of the Resonant Rise modpack, however this requires the use of the ATL launcher, For your convenience you may download the launcher from The ATL Launcher Website. Although Resource Packs are based on the user perspective, I have a resource pack you can  Download Now.  I am using the sub-pack Project Flux.

Now the moment you been waiting for the server information, subject to change, after you have the resourcepack (or if your using your own), hit multiplayer, direct connect, and enter the server address: mc-server.lunaticslanding.com 


Life has allowed me to get a server, we are proudly hosted by NodeCraft, one of the most reliable services around.

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