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Hope – a Powerful Motive

I have told many of you the in the past that I consider myself an optimist. I began to question as time went on, but with recent events, I can safely say that I am still an optimist and it got me thinking about why. I bring you one possibility, hope, this is actually a very powerful word and as I will explain here, a powerful motive. Lets start with the basics, like all lunatics post, here is the definition.

1. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
2. A feeling of trust

1. Want something to happen or be the case.

These are pretty universal definitions found simply by doing a google search. I can relate to most of these definitions, and the reason behind the powerful motivation is the desire around the expectation.

Lets continue by starting with the first definition, Hope as an expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. This actually describes an optimist, since by defination an optimist is hopeful and confident. The underlying meaning for me is that as an optimist I have expectations that are higher than normal, but I also have a desire for the good things in life. Karake may be a pessimist, but expecting the worse, typically means low expectations. I feel this is why I felt like I lost my optimism, and why now that I have hope again, that I am more optimistic again. Ironically, my desire for th good things, is fueling my motivation, and keeping me possitive. However this positivity, this desire, can also stem from the verb defination, wanting something to happen or be the case, I got what I would call good news, and after constantly being told bad news, and not getting “good” news for a long time can be de-motivating, and apparently made me loose hope. Which is why I boiled my problem down to Hope.

The second defination of course is about trust, this again points to a variety of factors. in fact let me list the defination for you.

1. Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
2. (law) Confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.
1. Beleive in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of
2. Allow credit to (a customer)

Its interesting how the defination of hope includes trust, as I cant really it say it completely relates to optimism. Perhaps trust in myself to expect something better to happen may be the best way to explain it. I always considered myself to be a reliable person with the ability to make others happy by giving them alternatives. Perhaps thats where the trust comes in, as its referring my ability.

Regardless of the trust connection to hope, I have been thinking about hope specifically since I took a quiz on qzzr regarding the lantern corps. (Which Latern Corps Power Ring would be yours). My result was the Blue Lantern which fits me nicely since it embodies Hope. I personally feel that I try to keep hope alive, but it was definitely a struggle for the past several months, and now the hope is even stronger that seems to have motivated my optimsm to shine more than it has in the past few months.

The impact it has had on me is why I blieve hope is a motivational factor. If I truely was struggling with hope, and according to that first defination means that I didn’t have the desire, as as trust put it, the ability, to continue my optimistic ways. Now that my hope is back, I can rightfully wield my blue ring, and continue to brighten others days.

“In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!”

My Love for Wolves

I love wolves they were always my love I don’t really know how it came to my love but somehow or someway it did become my love and every since I was about…6-7 when I started really liking them and I found as many pictures as I could of wolves anime wolves real wolves you name it I most likely had it and I always try and make my username based upon wolves, whether it be killer Wolf, shadow wolf, dark wolf, anything with wolf would be my username. its hard to come up with a username with wolf in it sometimes it may be hard but from time to time it’s easy but from time to time it is very hard to come up with one. If I’m having a day where I can’t think but most days I can think but my love for wolves it probably never leave and someday I want a wolf as a pet I don’t care if it’s not allowed I will find my own way to have a wolf as a pet for now that’s it goodbye.

“Homeless People” – Happy first week of the month

Alright, I hate being the bad guy sometimes, but the first week of any month always annoys me the most. If you haven’t guessed I am going to approach this topic like I do any other topic, with definitions.

(of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.
a homeless person; a tramp or vagrant.
noun: a vagrant
noun: a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
verb: travel, with no particular purpose or destination.
verb: get by asking or begging.
adjective: of poor quality, bad or wrong.
noun: a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging.
adjective: characteristic of, relating to, or living the life of a vagrant.

Alright now that those are out of the way, lets get started on my rant. You are probably overwhelmed by the various definitions of each of the above words, but lets simplify it to this, Homeless is street living, Hobo is a homeless person, Bums are beggars, and vagrants are truly helpless people that try to do the best they can. I would like to state my point very clearly now, because my reasoning and position may seem confused as you continue reading. I am not a heartless person, but if I only see you sometimes, or you not using the little donations you do get wisely than I will not help you. I will not help the bums (beggars), but I may help the Vagrants (truly people needing help). I see the same people every single time and then use the money they are given for other reasons.

Dont get me wrong I have seen legitimate people needing help (Vagrants), we provided gas for cars, given rides to people, and even bought food for others, but the world we live in today, has wasted my families faith and so we usually do not give cash or change to anyone, because we want to know it goes to something useful. I have seen people three times in a row looking a bit rundown as if they were homeless, and I started to believe their stories, but than there are others that show up only during the first week of the month, with the same story, and those are the people I dis-test (bums). They provide interesting stories about being homeless, but since I dont see them after the first week, and then again the very next month, it makes me wonder how true that stupid story really is.

People claim to be homeless, they look like hobos, but they are more like bums, because they continuously beg for change, and sometimes dont provide a reason why they need it. They would then go inside the store they are begging at, and purchase something like beer or cigarettes, and I am sorry if you are really homeless I would be focused on food and water. Vagrants are those they I dont see often, look sincere, and honestly accept any help I can give, such as buying food for them, or putting gas in their car, so those are the people I feel sorry for. I view this as a reoccurring problem in society, because people are unwilling to try and get a job, or waste there money on useless bullshit. These “bums” are ruining our faith in society, and prevent those that truly want to help  from helping because they feel like it is fake, because most of the time it is.

These are my beliefs and although I am willing to help, I have to be convinced pretty dam hard now, please feel free to post you opinions or comments, but this is a problem in society, and it is my own opinion. Thank you for reading.

Karateka’s Top 10 Most Hated Sentences.

The List:

  1. I am your father and you will do as I say.
  2. I am your mother and you will do as I say.
  3. Don’t be a smart alack.
  4. You live under my roof and what I say goes.
  5. Curiosity killed the cat.
  6. Its none of your business
  7. I wasn’t talking to you.
  8. Because I said so.
  9. Respect your elders.
  10. I don’t talk to strangers.

The Reasoning:
1- One should not follow ones orders based on blood or kin.

2- One should not follow ones orders based on blood or kin.

3- It’s wrong to condemn intelligence and curiosity.

4- One should not follow orders based on location.

5- Curiosity is the basis of intellectual human beings.

6- It is if it involves family, friends, or personal interests.

7- This incites no resolve to a conflict or conversation at hand.

8- This remark incites no real reason to halt actions or decisions.

9- No matter how old,respect is earned individually, not handed out.

10- This is a contradiction, all friends were once strangers.

Open Minds – The Fringe Factor

When I first started watching Fringe, I was unsure what to think. I currently watch it on Netflix and am almost to the end of Season 3. I didn’t even rate fringe on Netflix till the end of season 2. Personally I still dont know what to think, but I am at a point now that I figure that I have continued to watch it, so obviously I cant hate it, and going through about 3 seasons of episodes I found I do somewhat enjoy myself.

I didn’t realize until tonight when I watched Season 3, Episode 19 (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), hell if I can truly pronounce the title, but the point is, I was finally able to isolate the enjoyment I get out of watching Fringe. You are probably wondering exactly what Fringe is, and personally I cant seem to explain it much better than Netflix did in the description.

As part of Fringe Division, eager young FBI agent Olivia Dunham uses experimental science to unravel the layers of mystery surrounding a series of dangerous — and escalating — paranormal events called the Pattern.

Although that is rather simple and sweet, I feel Fringe is a lot more than that. I would recommend this to anyone interested in expanding their mind to rather abstract thoughts. Although the description says paranormal events, and experimental science,  The intro says it all. Cortexiphan is the key to a lot of mysteries, and allows a person to do so much more than what was intended, however, it has opened my mind to what I have already kept deep in my thoughts.

After watching S3E19, I quickly drew my attention to one character, Walter Bishop, it was then that I released why I enjoyed watching Fringe, and although Walter has always been the same old drugged scientist, I connected the dots and immediately started thinking about this post. Although I have yet to do drugs, or ever plan to get high on anything other than knowledge, I usually equate myself to him. We both strive for knowledge, nostalgic for old times, and care about the people around us.

I didn’t realize just how much we were related until Astrid, an FBI agent assists Walter in the lab, handed Walter a tablet and said “I just finished downloading Zoom for you Walter.” I nearly died, just hearing that word made my night. I am sorry for those who dont remember Zoom, you ought to die, but there is the link for wanderers. After that I connected the rest of the dots. I remember the Old Records, the Tapes, the need for certain sweets, and I cant stop thinking about past shows that I knew as a kid. I am a 90s kid and I am proud of it, but now that I officially consider myself Walter Bishop, I will continue to enjoy Fringe.

Introduction: Inside My Mind.

This thread is just a forefront to the many posts I have in store, locked away in my mind. I’d like to start off by saying my posts will infact contain opinions and personal preference however will also contain facts backing up whatever I type as not to prove my claims right but simply to express that even tho I am a lunatic 🙂 my mind actually has valor to the thoughts it expresses here on the Lunaticslanding page.

Hope you guys enjoy my stay, Domo Arigato.  -Karateka63