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Hope – a Powerful Motive

I have told many of you the in the past that I consider myself an optimist. I began to question as time went on, but with recent events, I can safely say that I am still an optimist and it got me thinking about why. I bring you one possibility, hope, this is actually a very powerful word and as I will explain here, a powerful motive. Lets start with the basics, like all lunatics post, here is the definition.

1. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
2. A feeling of trust

1. Want something to happen or be the case.

These are pretty universal definitions found simply by doing a google search. I can relate to most of these definitions, and the reason behind the powerful motivation is the desire around the expectation.

Lets continue by starting with the first definition, Hope as an expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. This actually describes an optimist, since by defination an optimist is hopeful and confident. The underlying meaning for me is that as an optimist I have expectations that are higher than normal, but I also have a desire for the good things in life. Karake may be a pessimist, but expecting the worse, typically means low expectations. I feel this is why I felt like I lost my optimism, and why now that I have hope again, that I am more optimistic again. Ironically, my desire for th good things, is fueling my motivation, and keeping me possitive. However this positivity, this desire, can also stem from the verb defination, wanting something to happen or be the case, I got what I would call good news, and after constantly being told bad news, and not getting “good” news for a long time can be de-motivating, and apparently made me loose hope. Which is why I boiled my problem down to Hope.

The second defination of course is about trust, this again points to a variety of factors. in fact let me list the defination for you.

1. Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
2. (law) Confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.
1. Beleive in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of
2. Allow credit to (a customer)

Its interesting how the defination of hope includes trust, as I cant really it say it completely relates to optimism. Perhaps trust in myself to expect something better to happen may be the best way to explain it. I always considered myself to be a reliable person with the ability to make others happy by giving them alternatives. Perhaps thats where the trust comes in, as its referring my ability.

Regardless of the trust connection to hope, I have been thinking about hope specifically since I took a quiz on qzzr regarding the lantern corps. (Which Latern Corps Power Ring would be yours). My result was the Blue Lantern which fits me nicely since it embodies Hope. I personally feel that I try to keep hope alive, but it was definitely a struggle for the past several months, and now the hope is even stronger that seems to have motivated my optimsm to shine more than it has in the past few months.

The impact it has had on me is why I blieve hope is a motivational factor. If I truely was struggling with hope, and according to that first defination means that I didn’t have the desire, as as trust put it, the ability, to continue my optimistic ways. Now that my hope is back, I can rightfully wield my blue ring, and continue to brighten others days.

“In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!”

Virtual Reality – The Vive Experience

As promised here is a topic not listed on our tracker. As a gamer, I have been watching Virtual Reality since it was released in April 2016, and even since it was announced before that. Of course at the time my laptop was never going to support it so I would of course need to upgrade my computer.

The best part about this was that later in 2016 I did just that, I got a new computer in September of 2016. I was over-joyed at having a computer and have even made twitch streams on it. Well here we are in July, just after a year of release, enough time for games to get launched, and all the bugs to be worked out, and I finally decided on getting the HTC Vive.

There really wasn’t much hardware that came with the set. We get the headset, two controllers, two base stations, mounting brackets, The link box and chargers, cables and other obvious bits. It didn’t actually take me long to get it mounted on the wall and follow the two page instructions on how to mount and angle the base stations. I found an easy to follow walk-through but looking at the hardware it isn’t too hard in my opinion. The link box for example has one side that is orange, and the vive has orange ended cables, it made sense to me that they connect.

The time killer for me was the software downloads. Sure I expected to install the viveport software, and of course since I am steam person, I needed steamVR. My internet is decent for gaming, so the install went smoothly. However redeeming the bundle code took more effort, viveport wanted me to login, but once I logged in I couldn’t actually complete the code redemption. I actually had to signout and then “continue as guest” for the redemption, which quickly gave me codes to then redeem a second time in viveport. This felt a bit redundant, I should have just needed to enter it once into vive port to get all of the bundle, but instead I had to provide one code, to recive two codes, just to enter each of them into the software.


Richies Plank Experience


After completing the redemption process, the download showed its true colors, and I cant stress enough about the speed. I noticed speeds as high as 1 MB/s… it never seemed to go past that, I looked far and wide to make sure there wasn’t a throttle or anything, and it turns out that the servers might just be bad. I mustered through it and got Richie’s Plank Expereience to install.

Watching my friends (Karateka included), play this and seeing there reaction, lead me to my turn. And although we didn’t have our own plank, the immersion was still there. I looked down and instantly thought about how high I was. It even took a moment for me to actually step off, and after I completed the step, even though I physically wasn’t moving, my body still felt something and it seemed really weird falling from a sky scrapper. I even got creative in sky writing, my only complaint about the whole experience both watching and playing is that the game seemed to crash frequently when changing games, and sometimes going back to the ground floor wouldn’t load the elevator, which resulted in a lot game restarts.


Portal Stores: VR


The next game that I played I got for free from steam, and of course downloaded much faster, and it was setup in the Portal Universe, which instantly got my attention as I have played both portal and portal 2. This was a good thing because although it was free it did require Portal 2 to be installed and is considered a mod. Portal Stories: VR, took me on an extremely immersive experience teleporting, moving our friend the companion cube around the various levels. Yes this game is short consisting of only ten levels, but the puzzles increased in difficulty, and also involved our ever so friendly turrets who make wonderful dialog when caught on fire. These buddies had me on the floor because well I didn’t want to die in the virtual world. I continue to be fascinated by the graphics and the immersion that is felt while playing the games.


AirMech Command


These two games alone make me happy to have purchased the Vive; however my journey isn’t over, because the next game was not free, but being part of the steam summer sale was a nice grab. AirMech Command was my next game, this is an interesting real-time strategy game. When I fired it up, I was immediately surprised about how massive the scene was, it actually felt like I had a big table in front of me at waist height. I managed to complete the tutorial and a level, and am still overwhelmed with the size of the map, I may have been giant to some of the people, but even zoomed out I still had to scroll the map. Another purchase I was not disappointed in.

Overall Room Scaled setup with the Vive was not hard, and although I had a few hiccups that I didn’t mention here, as they were really my fault and shouldn’t really affect others opinion, each game had me immersed in graphics and had my body confused even though I never left the safety of my home.


Lunatics Update – Where did we Go!!

Hey Lunatics, I know its been a while since we posted, however a lot has happened within the past year alone, and I know no topics have been posted for two years, but I do what we can to update when possible.

The minecraft server is still running, though I havn’t been on it, so that is always an option for creative minds. I have also been working on other projects, and I may call them small, but that is because I am not dedicating a lot of time to them, but really it just a big project that came to mind recently.

I can tell you Karateka is still around, in fact he is also helping with our next project for lunatics landing. I know you may look at the tracker and say nothing has changed, but that is because even though they are all good topics, it does require us to make sure we are detailed enough to show our opinion. The last thing we want is to give an opinion without facts. I know I can spent an hour or two drafting a post, but that is because it is going to have the detail I hope you as readers will enjoy. I may have to talk more with Karateka but perhaps we can start working through the tracker again to get posts going.

The goal of this post however is more of an update. We have moved, in fact I am hoping I can get the lunatics family active again. That includes Cat Lady with all her food options. Perhaps a new author so that Karateka and myself are not all alone. The idea is that we are not dead, and if you are around facebook, we continue to get likes so I wish I could actually have new updated material for everyone to read.

In fact after this update post, i will being working on a fresh topic, not listed in the tracker for all of your amusement.


Mine Craft Server Updated

Happy New Year, with the arrival of the new year, I decided to do maintenance on the server. NodeCraft has been wonderful, but has notified me that they will be moving the server on the 25th of January, however this will not change anything on your end, it does mean that I have to update the ip address of the server then. We have 20 or days to make use of these updates before the move and I already had some help outlining Spawn with Stone markers. The server use to be run on Minecraft 1.6 but the Yogscast Complete Pack have been updated and integrated in the Resonant Rise 3 modepack. This has allowed me to update to Minecraft 1.7.


This update also means that you will need to create a new instance or use your existing Resonant Rise 3 instance to connect to our server. If you would rather create a new one, we are using the Project Flux sub-pack totaling roughly 214 different mods to choose from. If you need more information on our server you can check out the MineCraft Server page. I would also like to warn any users that although the update was greatly needed, this has caused an increase in memory usage, so until I upgrade the server I have limited the number of players joining to be roughly 10-15, now this is still under review and if any of your care to donate for the upgrade, you can donate directly to my host by visiting my Co-Op Vault.


Independence Day – The third of July

Fireworks 1
So another holiday is coming along, and I thought I would write a few things about the up coming independence holiday. I first want to point out that I did not make a mistake when I said the third of july, because one of the biggest independence day events is held in Downtown Columbus known as Red White and Boom, is actually held on the Third of July. this event although glorious, the few times I saw it in person, and entertaining every time I saw it on TV, is a matter of inconvenience for many. This is a celebration for the Declaration of Independence written in 1974, but is never celebrated on the 4th of July. The reasoning they provide is a rather bland one for me.

Red, White & BOOM! is held on July 3 so it does not interfere with any of the Central Ohio communities’ firework displays and events on July 4.

Although, this may seem like a valid reason, it has become so popular that they allow seating to take place on July 2nd. I find it rather hard for a family to spent so much time at the Red White and Boom event and the proceed to another firework show on the fourth, This would essentially mess with anyone’s sleeping schedule. Being able to claim a spot 29 hours before the event starts, and then staying up for the 26 minute show, to then drive home. Sleep, and then get up for another 20 minute showing on the 4th of july, local to your area, seems to me like it would change your body to a night shift schedule, but then you have to work the 5th, unless it happens on a weekend and your company isn’t open, but if your like mine, you have to work the 4th and weekends so there is no mercy given if you want to participate in these events.

Independence Day
a civil holiday for the celebration of the anniversary of the beginnings of national independence; specifically July 4 observed as a legal holiday in the United States in commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776

So Why do we use fireworks to celebration Independence Day, but we make other holidays like Thanksgiving celebrate with food. Even Christmas is celebrated with a Tree and food. The answer is in history, according to Forrest Wickman, a writer for The Slate Group

Because John Adams wanted us to. Before the Declaration of Independence was even signed, he envisioned fireworks as a part of the festivities. In a letter to Abigail Adams on July 3, 1776, he wrote that the occasion should be commemorated “with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.” The first commemorative Independence Day fireworks were set off on July 4, 1777.

The reality of the mater is that I still don’t accept the reasoning of holding these firework shows before the actual date of declaring independence. The Red, White & Boom event also doesn’t just include the fireworks show, there is live entertainment, and multiple activities planned through the afternoon. Downtown Columbus is basically a party for July 3rd, but even the first fireworks were done on the 4th. Companies still only close on the 4th, so not everyone can enjoy these festivities on the 3rd, so by not interrupt local activities, your not allowing everyone to participate because business has to run as usual on the 3rd. I hope those that are lucky enough to get the 3rd and 4th off enjoy their independence celebrations, and for the rest of you, join me as we work July 4th.

Fireworks 2

Personality – The Meaning Behind Words

Ever been in a situation where words that are spoken are unclear, perhaps you heard them, but the words used have definitive meanings. What about the words that have multiple meanings, how can anyone be sure of the words spoken, when the words used have multiple meanings. You may say tone, which itself has multiple meanings, I rather say personality.

the quality or state of being a person
the condition or fact of relating to a particular person; specifically : the condition of referring directly to or being aimed disparagingly or hostilely at an individual
the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group; especially : the totality of an individual’s behavioral and emotional characteristics
distinction or excellence of personal and social traits; also : a person having such quality
vocal or musical sound of a specific quality; especially : musical sound with respect to timbre and manner of expression
a sound of definite pitch and vibration
accent or inflection expressive of a mood or emotion
the pitch of a word often used to express differences of meaning
a particular pitch or change of pitch constituting an element in the intonation of a phrase or sentence
style or manner of expression in speaking or writing
(1) : color quality or value (2) : a tint or shade of color
the effect in painting of light and shade together with color
the state of a living body or of any of its organs or parts in which the functions are healthy and performed with due vigor
healthy elasticity : resiliency

Both terms are rather expansive, but in terms of personality, I like how Merriam Webster shortened it to a simple phrase, “the set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from other people.” Looking over the definitions for Tone, you can see how much it relates to either music, health, or attitude. This simplification is what I am utilizing in this post. Primarily since we are referring to attitude, speaking and even writing forms, we would be focusing on the 3rd and 6th definition.

I am always told I have hidden, or double messages when I talk about either my problems, my feelings, or just general every day tasks. This may be true because my personality is to avoid conflict, so would say something that doesn’t cause an argument.

Double Meaning
noun: a word or phrase that is open to more than one interpretation.
Hidden Message
information that is not immediately noticeable, and that must be discovered or uncovered and interpreted before it can be known.

I take pride in my causal use of avoidance, because it keeps people in a slightly better mood around me, although if people start learning my personality, eventually they will be able to interpret my messages, and the result would then be happiness for me, and those around.

Personality is the door to a persons inner most thoughts, it allows messages to be expressed in numerous ways. the door can be cracked, to let out a little expression, or it could be wide open, revealing all emotion contained inside. The ability to open or see inside can be impacted by anyone’s relationship, good or bad, the door is almost always open to some degree. I will never say that the door is shut, because I have never come across a person who can completely hide emotions. I wont doubt it either, there is always a sign that emotion is felt.

Those of you that used the word tone, may have been referring to this emotion that is seen, however, some people, and I consider myself one of these people, have the ability to suppress these emotions to make it difficult to give a meaning to the words being said. I have also been told that my statements that do have a clear definition, have been interpreted as double messages, So I believe that the key to interpreting double messages, or finding hidden messages, would be to know or at least have an idea of about a persons personality.

This knowledge has the power to guide and assist anyone, once you know a persons personality, you will know what they can do, want to do, and how you can help them, either by deciphering messages, or adding to the cryptography of the message. Only those closest to you will ever know what is meant when words come from your mouth.

Personality is constructed, so no one has the same exact personality, there may be similar traits, and core values, but there is always a difference. it may only be one trait, but that trait can easily change a person. How well do you know personality, do you have friends you can read without a problem, maybe you had that moment of confusion with double messages, what ever the case maybe, it goes back to personality.

Procrastination – A Requirement of Life

I am hoping to be more activate and getting more topics done, as a result I have this wonderful topic of procrastination I want to cover. Although it may not be evident, I view it as a requirement in life, everyone procrastinates, whether they agree with me or not.

noun. the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention:
verb. to defer action; delay:
verb. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.

Look ma, I did it again, I love making use of definitions they clear up a lot of opinion based terminology. Although this are definitions, I still like how wikipedia phrased its definition.

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before a deadline.

So procrastination is another way we define priorities in our lives, I admit I put off school work, I admit I put off doing topics, but why do we as humans need to procrastinate you ask. Does human desire really have that much control over our lives? In terms of survival, all these tasks I procrastinate on may be the same priority, but if you look at pleasure, maybe I have more fun playing games, then doing school work, maybe I dont think I have the right mindset to post, thinking is work, work is thinking, why cant thinking be pleasurable. Pleasure goes beyond this topic, but can be expanded and explained in more detail, but for the sake of this post, pleasure is fun, fun, aside from a potential dictionary loop, is what makes us happy to continue doing tasks.

Great so procrastination is the result of needing pleasure and happiness. The requirement of life goes back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. As each level is satisfied we move to the next, procrastination, assuming our basic needs of survival are taken care successfully puts us at level 3, in this case the Social Level. The desire to be loved, and socialize with the public, through these posts,  even school work would fit here as it is socialization with other people. Masloq's Pryamid As I said these tasks all have a similar priority but a need to procrastinate them for more desirable aspects such as game playing, may result in an achievement which would satisfy a few things at level for for esteem, making us happier and feel more obligated to do those procrastinated tasks. For example, although I procrastinated some of my school, I am happier now, and feel more motivated to finish the school work, so I can get my degree, which then satisfies some of my level 4 (esteem) needs. Utilizing this theory, I can safely say that procrastination may be a requirement of life to determine which tasks have that satisfying esteem qualification. This also puts a slight dent on Maslow’s theory that social has to be completed before we move to esteem, as procrastination allows us to accomplish both level 3 and level 4 needs at the same time. I do agree procrastination has the biggest impact at level 3, simply because when are focus is on survival, such as eating and determining are safety in our own home, generally they will always have a higher priority. Although procrastination has an impact every time priorities are similar as we still may put food off for a drink of water, or we may feel a need to put plastic on windows before we turn on the heat.

So I ask you, can you truly stop procrastination? Although my room mates and myself have had multiple conferences on this issue, however the problem continues and although we come up with ideas how how to solve it, there is always some weird thing in nature that makes it continue. If you have actually stopped procrastination, I would love to hear about it, however if you agree with me that for some reason or another it is required, post your thoughts below as well, maybe we can make this theory a fact.

Bottled Emotions

The irony of this topic has perplexed me, and I am happy to say that even though we have been wanting to talk about this topic for months, the time has come to ensure a complete somewhat biased opinion on Bottling emotions. Although it may not look good that we took forever to get to this topic, I feel that the wait has given me the experience I need to accurately state my opinion.

Everyone has a limit, and surprisingly that includes me, before I moved out it was not clear how well my emotions were hidden, and what affect they have on my surroundings, but once I moved out and have lived out with a couple of roommates, I have considered my self to pop a bit, maybe not explode, but I have definitely popped. The limit is merely an estimation of how much can be contained. I feel that it is always a bad idea to bottle all emotions up, both negative and positive results can happen. I will admit that sometimes holding back is beneficial, when you already have emotions held back it becomes increasingly difficult to hold more back.

The end result of holding an overwhelming amount of emotions can cause the bottle to pop, or even explode with negative emotions spilling out, wanting to be known. I have been away from my parents home for a year, and can only say that I have popped, or exploded Once, maybe twice. The result of this was a massive desire to tell everyone what I wanted done and when to do it, basically at this explosive point that was immediately.

I take pride in my ability to maintain control during these undesirable situations, however no amount of control can prevent a negative aura from filling the area once the bottle explodes. The amount of control affects how much can be bottled up, and once filled control may help restrict how fast the information comes out, but once its out that is when everyone is staring at you with that dumbfounded look that makes them think twice.

When I have moved out, several agreements were made, one to keep our friendship regardless of what happens, and to remain open and prevent our bottles from filling up. This has effectively allowed our living situation to maintain a level of calmness and relaxation that keeps us all in a good mood. Our explosions have been reduced to once or twice each, sure we all have control, but that is what has allowed us to hold conferences to let out emotions in a safe, relaxing, and sometimes laughable environment.

Personality has a major role in determining the size of the bottle, those with shy personalities have a larger bottle by nature because they want to stay quite, others who are more sociable, may have a shorter bottle since they talk a lot more. Attitude is another factor, those with a positive nature may find themselves with larger bottles because they try to handle negative situations with by finding the good things, while those with a negative nature may find them selves with shorter bottles, because everything is flawed and fill the bottle up one way or another. Control in my opinion can then be the lid that allows information to come out, or go in, with the right control, you can find the right time, safe place, to relieve the stress and emotion that is bottled up, or prevent a negative situation from getting worse by solving the problem as it comes so it doesn’t need to be bottled up.

Today I find myself bottling up less, being more open, and finding that balance between when to bottle emotions, and when to release them. This has caused me to be in a more happier mood, as mentioned by several people, and to understand and stop things from getting worse. So I ask my readers, have you noticed an impact on your life from bottled emotions, have you made changes to live a happier and more enjoyable life?

Alternate Dimensions

Last night was a debate spanning multiple topics. I have talked with Karateka in the past, but last night we got into one of our many two hour debates, sometimes they last long, other times we just cover one or two topics. Although this debate spanned multiple topics, I am only going to focus on one part of the debate, to leave room for expansion.

The debate started with Time, and lead to alternate dimensions. There are many interpretations of the existing of one or more dimensions, and I tend to go with multiple dimensions, more so than just one. The connection to these dimensions is not going to be a fact, but an opinion, this opinion may have scientific answers that may explain most if it, but at the same time, it all boils down to an individuals experience.

The first connection is reflective surfaces, mirrors, water, etcetera. This connection opens the possibility that your not actually looking at yourself, but that of another you in another dimension. Some people have multiple experiences of staring themselves in a mirror too long, but at the same time, if it is another dimension that could explain how shattering a mirror can bring you bad luck. When you take order and shatter it into chaos, it has dire conflicts. As a result of the shatter you are now looking at multiple reflections of yourself, which could be yourself in another dimension each time. The bad luck comes to play because now the one dimension is shattered into multiple dimensions, forming multiple possibilities of your actions and outcomes.

The next connection is perception, and although I have another post planned for specifics on the paranormal abilities, I specifically want to talk about Double Vision, although this leads to health concerns, and eventually a person wears glasses. The concept I want to pose, is that double vision experience, where you are looking at the same person in two different (although only slightly), locations. If you consider alternate dimensions, then you could say that one of the doubles is actually another person in another dimension. Some people who experience this occurrence, may have noted that the second vision was doing something slightly different, or accepted the bad vision notion and assumed that since it was blurred together, it was hard to say if it was really different.

A few of you may remember my Fringe connection several months back, although I didn’t want to express the whole story line at the time, in hopes of not spoiling any of the fun that series has brought me. The prime concept is resolving around an alternate dimension, and some of the connections they draw in how each dimension can affect the other, is fascinating. So as this topic comes to an end during the debate I had last night, I posed the possibility that everything was connected, and that is how I roll, every debate that spans multiple topics, ends in a simliar style conclusion that all the topics are connected. The dimensions one can see with double vision, can easily be the same dimension, or an entirely new dimension than the one the mirror is or causes when shattered.

Minecraft – Vanilla or Modded?

We recently launched a server last week, and although it is based on the Yogscast Complete Pack, this does make it a modded server. The question then came to my head regarding the reason I choose this pack, or any pack at all. My answer always tended to come to the conclusion that it allows flexibility and options. I failed to released that the mere fact that it is using the Yogscast Complete pack I increased the requirements of running minecraft on a computer.

My Goal of this server was to allow the Readers and Authors of Lunatics Landing to connect in a environment of pure creativity, and possibilities. This goal has lead me to helping my roommates setup minecraft on there computers, and in that feat we have run into many technical problems, and my opens were open to how painful it really can be to setup the client to connect to our server. The technical requirements for vanila may be easily met, but the added load from using the mods in the yogscast complete pack, or merely loading them, adds extra stress to the computer. Several of you may be aware of the Vanilla Requirements, and the honest truth is both my room mates both meet the minimum 2 GB of RAM, though they actually have 3Gb, but not the recommended 4Gb. With that in mind I had them try playing vanilla minecraft, and they still experienced a few issues, although a lot less severe, allowing them to actually play the game.

A solution that I can easily come to would be to inform all of you that at the moment since I am running a modded server, that you check the system requirements and follow the recommended requirements before attempting to connect to the server, this would alievate some of the more severe lag from loading up the word. My computer may have 8GB of RAM installed, but Minecraft, when I am on the Lunatics Server, my computer is using roughly 5 or 6 GB of RAM, and it is running smoothly, but keep in mind that to get Java to run more than 3GB of memory, you do need the 64 bit version of Java 7 for the ATL launcher.

The question still remains though, if it is difficult to setup the client to connect to the lunatics landing server, why not just run a vanilla server. The answer in this case would be that remains to be the options modded minecraft offer, increasing the many different creative setups that can be thrown together. The builders wand from extra utilities, to the various machines that product massive quantities of materials, they all assist in creating the best visualization of our thoughts.

Perhaps in the future, when life permits, I may add another server purely vanilla for all the readers that want the minecraft experience, but at the moment, we only have one server setup. If you have any additional questions about the server or the client setup, please comment below, or contact me at