Mine Craft Server Updated

Happy New Year, with the arrival of the new year, I decided to do maintenance on the server. NodeCraft has been wonderful, but has notified me that they will be moving the server on the 25th of January, however this will not change anything on your end, it does mean that I have to update the ip address of the server then. We have 20 or days to make use of these updates before the move and I already had some help outlining Spawn with Stone markers. The server use to be run on Minecraft 1.6 but the Yogscast Complete Pack have been updated and integrated in the Resonant Rise 3 modepack. This has allowed me to update to Minecraft 1.7.


This update also means that you will need to create a new instance or use your existing Resonant Rise 3 instance to connect to our server. If you would rather create a new one, we are using the Project Flux sub-pack totaling roughly 214 different mods to choose from. If you need more information on our server you can check out the MineCraft Server page. I would also like to warn any users that although the update was greatly needed, this has caused an increase in memory usage, so until I upgrade the server I have limited the number of players joining to be roughly 10-15, now this is still under review and if any of your care to donate for the upgrade, you can donate directly to my host by visiting my Co-Op Vault.


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