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Alternate Dimensions

Last night was a debate spanning multiple topics. I have talked with Karateka in the past, but last night we got into one of our many two hour debates, sometimes they last long, other times we just cover one or two topics. Although this debate spanned multiple topics, I am only going to focus on one part of the debate, to leave room for expansion.

The debate started with Time, and lead to alternate dimensions. There are many interpretations of the existing of one or more dimensions, and I tend to go with multiple dimensions, more so than just one. The connection to these dimensions is not going to be a fact, but an opinion, this opinion may have scientific answers that may explain most if it, but at the same time, it all boils down to an individuals experience.

The first connection is reflective surfaces, mirrors, water, etcetera. This connection opens the possibility that your not actually looking at yourself, but that of another you in another dimension. Some people have multiple experiences of staring themselves in a mirror too long, but at the same time, if it is another dimension that could explain how shattering a mirror can bring you bad luck. When you take order and shatter it into chaos, it has dire conflicts. As a result of the shatter you are now looking at multiple reflections of yourself, which could be yourself in another dimension each time. The bad luck comes to play because now the one dimension is shattered into multiple dimensions, forming multiple possibilities of your actions and outcomes.

The next connection is perception, and although I have another post planned for specifics on the paranormal abilities, I specifically want to talk about Double Vision, although this leads to health concerns, and eventually a person wears glasses. The concept I want to pose, is that double vision experience, where you are looking at the same person in two different (although only slightly), locations. If you consider alternate dimensions, then you could say that one of the doubles is actually another person in another dimension. Some people who experience this occurrence, may have noted that the second vision was doing something slightly different, or accepted the bad vision notion and assumed that since it was blurred together, it was hard to say if it was really different.

A few of you may remember my Fringe connection several months back, although I didn’t want to express the whole story line at the time, in hopes of not spoiling any of the fun that series has brought me. The prime concept is resolving around an alternate dimension, and some of the connections they draw in how each dimension can affect the other, is fascinating. So as this topic comes to an end during the debate I had last night, I posed the possibility that everything was connected, and that is how I roll, every debate that spans multiple topics, ends in a simliar style conclusion that all the topics are connected. The dimensions one can see with double vision, can easily be the same dimension, or an entirely new dimension than the one the mirror is or causes when shattered.