The Perfect Parent – “My Child would never …”

How often do you hear parents claim that their child would never do something. Well in my high school years and even when I was play with friends I heard it all the time. This is one of those phrases that annoys me because it prevents me from informing, tattling, what ever floats your boat. I dont necessarily need to define that word. Although I would like to think I am an honest person, that does nothing wrong, I have been known to get into trouble, because I believe no one is perfect. When someone is doing something I believe is wrong, I normally try to inform their parents, teachers, or which ever authoritative figure is around. Most of the time I run into these parents that dont believe a single word I say, and start rattling off how good their child is, and how that child would never do such a thing. Personally I try to stay out of business, however, when I the victim of bullying, or I am involved in an incident, I know what happened, I know what I saw, at least look into the issue.

I applaud Law Enforcement for this, because they have to constantly break through these barriers and solve crimes on a daily basis. I always kept to myself, and  when I know I am not involved I am mostly honest about what  I saw. Lying was always something that my family punished me the worst about. It didn’t matter what I did at that point, if I lied, it usually was 10 times worse. If I told the truth then I would still get punished but not as severely. This resulted in having Honesty as one of my most basic principles in life. I always hated the word never, because according to the definition it is something that hasn’t happened and will not happen. This term covers both the past and the future; However when combined with the term Would, which is past tense, contradicts the meaning of never, and insinuates that it focuses on the past only, which still proves that it although it hasn’t happened, it doesn’t mean it wont. So personally if you say would never, I am just going to laugh, if you say never, I will just wait until it happens, then I am going to call you a liar.

So even though no one is perfect, which includes parents, as if they were not already people, and you combine that with the past and future parts of the definition of never, and you have a liar. Since perfect parents would result in perfect children, further resulting them never doing anything wrong, that would finally prove that you didn’t lie. Therefore, the terrible twos would not exist, and this phrase would not be so annoying because it would for once be the truth.

In the end, no one is perfect, don’t use the word never with the word would, and dont just use the word never because you would honestly never really know if you would never do something in the future. If you are a perfect parent, then feel free to use this phrase, but all I ask is prove that you have been a perfect parent, with perfect children, that have not been in trouble in the past. Share your thoughts below and have a nice day.

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