Social Media – What I think about useless updates

Alright, so I had a feeling this post was coming, and although I wont go crazy wild about facebook friends like Foamy the Squirrel does, I will focus the post primarily on the status updates. I will admit I prefer Facebook over Twitter in this aspect because if anyone actually pays attention the faded text that is in the box before you start typing is self-explanatory, for the most part. Facebook says “What’s on your mind?”, while twitter simply says, “What’s happening?”. ¬†And although I have a personal preference toward Facebook simply because I have numerous problems with my twitter account verses my Facebook account, the ideology of them both remains the same. When making status updates, or tweets, your suppose to give updates on whats going on in your life, no big deal right?.

The other day I found this picture that sparked the motivation for this post, although I considered it before, this picture I found made me want to do this post even more. The photo explained that back in the day no one remembers taking a photo of the prepared dinner, developing the film, and then showing your neighbors. I thought it was interesting because Dinner updates, are one of those status that I find most annoying. When you make a meal and take the time to photograph it with your phone, just so you can post it on Facebook and say, yummy or even to say it took you hours to prepare and cook it. I personally get very irritated by these updates because I am sure it takes about five minutes to take a decent picture, without the phone moving, not to mention the plate setting so it actually looks good, and then to type a short phrase about it and publish it on Facebook, I am sure it takes about five minutes. If it took you a couple hours to prepare and you might not want another five minute to publish it on Facebook before you finally eat it. Recipes are another story, because you take to the picture and provide step-by-step directions on how to cook a meal, we have taken a few of them, we tried even more of them, I am not calling recipes stupid, just the dinner updates from people who take pictures of food just to brag to friends about what they had. Its even more annoying when its a common food item like pizza, or burgers, because anyone can do it. I wont argue too much about restaurant quality dishes, that you may like to show off, because your at a restaurant, but if you go to the same place on a frequent basis, and get the same food, I don’t want to see it every single time.

Another common update I get from friends is more personal, and I wouldn’t be one to share the information, but I get updates from friends when they talk about there poop. Facebook says “Whats on your mind?”, that is not even close to “Hey I am taking a poop, and it hurts!!” I mean come on, that is not whats on your mind, that is what your doing. This is why I prefer Facebook’s status update phrase, because it asks about the mind, not the actions. I have a friend that rants about his day often, and I have no problem with it, because that is what is on his mind. But pooping, that’s just too personal that I wouldn’t be one to say it on Facebook. One time I had a friend even take a picture of the result, and made a comment about it on Facebook, definitely not something I want to see ever again.

These are just two of the common stupid updates I see all the time on Facebook, but I have seen others. Facebook literately asks whats on your mind, so rants, bullshit, and other things that you want to discuss with friends is up to the individual, but pooping is an action, eating food is an action, making a comment on a recipe that you just made that is a thought. Know the difference, stop pissing me off, and we can all be happy.

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