Halloween Parental Influences.



For this Halloween post I have to admit it is going to be a little opinionated however what intellectual would I be if I choose to leave out facts both supporting and opposing my claims?  Lets get several facts out of the way first.   Halloween is deeply associated with candy, horror, and mysterious folklore.  In religious belief and throughout history Halloween was originally a celebration of sorts involving spirits and or deceased loved ones.   Which of course gave way to parties and fear of the unknown.

Now some of you may have the same question I gave myself, Why is Halloween associated with fear?  Good question, I have yet to find a factual piece of evidence that supports the celebration of Halloween instilling fears into others despite it’s associates with spiritual entities.   However from what I know about the more modernized Halloween celebration,  the holiday has hit some debatable grey areas, one area of which I would like to reflect on.

We associate  the feelings of fear and terror in regards to Halloween in both the past and present times.  As a generalization it is commonly known that fear of the unknown constantly lays dormant in the back of every humans conscious and subconscious  minds.  Much of this is of course is associated with spirits, monsters, demons, angels and even common everyday life situations.  Humans fear the unknown but there are few who embrace it. Few who are drawn to it, giving birth to many learning experiences and enlightenment because once we as humans understand what it is that makes us fearful often find that there is little to fear in the aftermath.

However there are those who spend their entire lives hiding, running, even parents shielding their kids, their teenagers away from their own fears, not giving them a chance to explore, discover, analyze, and contemplate what it truly means to be afraid and what it means to overcome those obstacles through deep understanding.

This bleeds into the opinionated portion of the topic at hand, Costumes.   Now as I have said before there is nothing in the Halloween celebration that says you must dress up as something fearful however since Halloween is without a doubt associated with the feelings of fear and terror based on the unknown of the past, present, and future.  I feel as tho it’s important to dress up as something scary during Halloween night. I’m speaking from the experiences of previous Halloween celebrations and as a Walmart associate working in the Halloween seasonal isle.

I’m sick and tired of seeing little girls who want to be princesses due to their moms refusing to let their kids embrace any kind of fear or understanding during the Halloween celebration because embracing fear is just another part of a learning process….when you have dozens upon dozens of little girls who don’t want anything to do with fear and are encouraged to want to be beautiful princesses all the time then I feel as tho it’s just another way for a parent or guardian to encourage their kids to shut off their minds whenever they are scared of someone or something.

I have found this to be more apparent in girls than I do in boys as boys are usually encouraged to dress up as something mysterious and or scary which leads to a sexist undertone which pisses me off to high hell due to the fact that many girls are again encouraged to dress as something beautiful for Halloween rather then embracing a fear by dressing up as someone or something scary or frightening like boys generally are encouraged to do so by their parents during the month of October.




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  1. Tech Geek says:

    As I was reading, I was picturing a little girl dressing up as scary, and it was at that point I didn’t realize how scary a girl can be. I have seen Carie, I know about Bloody Mary, so why cant parents let these sweet girls dress up as scary mother, well you get the idea xD

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