Endless Chain Of Abuse *Intellectual Rant*

Endless Chain Of Abuse

Why can’t more people, adults, children realize that the way they treat the kids impacts our future on so many different levels and its kinda been filling me with a lot of animosity towards parents and Mankind to be honest. Throughout history adults have abused their children one way or the other and as a lot of the abused know, not many of us come out on top realize its wrong and it is not the right to raise children that way weather its hitting or threatening or sexually abusing many shadow their parents when they get older and the endless chain begins over and over and over again for thousands of years even before Christ it is believed.


Most parents turn their household into a Monarchy or a Dictatorship and the kids usually rebel…..now ask yourself why is this?  Why do parents think they can both teach and develop a close bond with their kids by force and worse so not even correctly answering the smartest questions any human being on the face of this planet could ever ask anyone, Who, What, Where, Why, When? many parents regard this as smart mouthing or a.k.a MOUTHING OFF! -_- when what THEY DON’T KNOW IS THEY ARE TEACHING THEIR KIDS TO BE FUCKING RETARDS, AND THEIR GONNA GROW UP BEING AFRAID TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!


Most parents abuse their kids in some way now adays, weather its emotional or physical or even playing favorites. Don’t believe me?  Then answer me this one question and really give me an educated response………..why are there vary few children who posses a true friendship with their mother or father or even both?


Childhood is a time for guiding!  Teen-hood is a time for giving options with limited boundaries with good enough reasoning!  Adulthood is when your child puts all what he or she has learned from you to practice in the real world.


Now, I am not a parent, not a father but an 18 year old and as foolish as I may come off to be sometimes be,  this is my theory on this issue at hand because it FILLS ME WITH GREAT RAGE THAT THAT MANKIND AND THIS WORLD, IS DAMNED.

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