Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Masculinity vs. Femininity In Language

So over a long period of time I’ve always wondered about the socially acceptable sexism that humanity identifies it’s cultures, religions, and even economic ventures,  however the topic that intrigues me the most today is the masculinity and femininity within language barriers.

I have found in my own personal encounters that most people I question regarding their choice of hard and soft language regarding males, females, even transients do not question why their language shifts considerably when talking to someone of the opposite sex.  Yet within that same breath, still claim to fully support male and female equality across the board.  Unfortunately as a result these people are drawn to a way of speaking, or writing within any language depending on a person or group of peoples majority gender yet still demand equality in it’s purest form.

The simple response is each language has masculine and feminine forms of vocabulary in order to maintain some sort of politeness and respect towards each gender.  Most males typically exchange words in a masculine type of way regardless of which language they speak.  The reason why, in it’s simplistic form is the fact that most males, regardless of origin of birth want to be viewed as a strong individual by other males.

However take notice within the confines of our own reality when I say most females also seek to be viewed with those same characteristics of strong individuals by other females by using a different approach.  Most females that I have encountered perceive strength to be associated with youth, knowledge, and maturity.  Where as most males I have encountered generally lean towards physical prowess, knowledge, and maturity.

So you may be asking yourself?  What does this have to do with masculine and feminine language barriers?  These characteristic that most of us strive for around the ages 4-11 bleed out in the way we speak to one another as they grow into adults.  The vocabulary may increase but the fluctuation of language barriers between males and females for most part typically stays the same.

Have you ever notice your sense of language change from sensitive to blunt and vice versa merely based on the gender you were communicating with?  Some of you may even say no,   for those who aren’t tied down language barriers I commend you however the proof lies within cultural and religious practices that are expected of us both in the past and this day in age.  which only makes it easier to fall victim to these language barriers and I”m not excluding myself in this phenomena.

All across the globe these examples are endless.  If a girl opts out of marriage completely she is considered a harlot in the eyes of religion.   If a boy does the same it is shrugged off completely in most cases.  If a boy wants to be a professional cross dresser, he will be shunned by many of his own gender in the acts of pursuing what makes him feel good about himself due to the fact that we were all tought that guys are supposed to be rough and rugged.  If a girl wanted to be rough and rugged and join the football team per say? She is harassed and told to quit.  Football is a guy sport.  If a boy wanted to become a ballerina per say?  He would be ridiculed by many from both genders in acts that he in most cases is participating in a girl’s sport.  These are but few of the cultural and religious sexist expectations that most of us are all plagued with in various points of our lives.

So take my words friends into consideration my friends.  Weather you succumb to the barriers of sexism or not.  They lay between the lines of what we perceive to be true strength, so I encourage myself and the rest of you to think deeper about sexism, masculinity and femininity in hopes to eliminate the barrier that plagues us all.

Thank you. Karateka.