Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

Negativity – Optimistic Point of View

Foamy was introduced to me recently, and this particular video gave me a bit of a kick. Although I have yet to receive any such complaints, however, the moral of the story still stands. I have friends that look on the negative side of things, and they always yell at me when I minimize their negativity. Although somehow they always thank me later in life, because I would make there day. I don’t know what to think sometimes, because I just view life as well life. If something bad happens, I literally shrug it off, and am left un-phased by the complications of the situation.

I have also been introduced to Elliot Hulse, and this particular video somewhat relates to the negativity comment. Elliot isn’t a negative person in my mind, in fact  I can relate to him on a personality level. I personally do not care about life, but the way Elliot words it, he views it as a balance. Now if you take my friends negativity, or foamy’s, and then you take my Optimism, or the apathetic view of Elliot below, there is a balance.

The most interesting thing between these two, is that Foamy’s negativity is expressed in the two minute video, however, Elliot appears to take 11 minutes to explain the balance between good and bad. I can pretty much sum up both of the videos, with foamy stating that negativity is all around, and feels that anyone who doesn’t see it is stupid. Elliot states that good and bad exist, but they balance each other, and we should just “let it happen”.

Needless to say, both video’s have valid points, and although Negativity may be required in life, it doesn’t mean I have to change my optimistic view, because in some form or fashion, I balance one or many of the other pessimists out there. I view Negativity as just another life fact that I deal with all the time, however, I don’t have to acknowledge their severity, because I have already reduced the negativity to a minor inconvenience because of my optimism. With that said, I am not stupid like Foamy claims, but the exact opposite. I stick to the positive aspects of life, however, that doesn’t make me stupid, but in fact it keeps my mind open. Knowing that their is so much negativity, I have to find new ways to keep my mindset positive.

Since my mind remains open to negative suggestion and fact, I have a well rounded view of the world. I feel that my life is much happier, however, since I maintain an equal level, and operate at a more apathetic level of attitude, that happiest is actually debatable. My question for all of you, Do you feel Negativity runs your life?