Reflections on my Past – Destiny explained

I was reading facebook early this morning, and I found a status that made me think hard about my own life. Don’t get me wrong, but I express my self in most of my opinions, but then you have those couple of posts you read, that I just cant simply reply too, but have to reflect on for a while. One question everyone asks themselves at one time or another, is what does Destiny have in store for me, or Can I change Destiny, and although I cant not actually answer these questions, I can provide my own experience, as it relates to Destiny. I often wonder what would happen if I could change the past, what it would mean for me if I made a different decision.

The first situation, that I think about frequently resolves around me and two friends. Both of these friends were considered my Best Friends, we typically knew everything about each other, we always spent time together, and we got along generally well; However, this one day changed it all. Arguments are undeniable, and today was just one of those days where I got into an argument with my longtime friend. We were located at another friend’s house (friend 2), we had a disagreement, and the end result was destruction. Sadly, this was all it was. I accidentally butt slammed the second friend’s door, attempting to get to my first friend. Later that night, I got an email from friend 2”s mother, telling me the damage was a couple hundred dollars. A couple days later friend one told me he was no longer my friend, and that of coursed ended one phase of my life, starting another.

You are probably wondering what the hell that has to do with Destiny, in which case you are just one of those impatient people. I lost a good friend, owed money, and spent little time with the second friend. Later in life, years after the incident, friend 2 is now located in Florida, asking me for the money to return home. I had the money, and I still owed him money for the door, so as a result I had no problems giving it to him, allowing him to return to Ohio. The end result, we hang out frequently, and have continued our great friendship.

The destiny relation, If I could change this particular event in my life, and decided not to break the door, how would it affect my life? The first situation, would I still be friends with Friend 1? Would Friend 2 still be in Florida? How much of my life changed based on this single event? Responsibility plays a role here, I took responsibility and paid for the damage I caused, but if the damage was not there, would I have been as responsible as I am now?  In the end I would call this Destiny, a long term relationship, compounded by several circumstances. I had no idea that I would be owing money at a young age, and then pay it off years later. I had no idea how it would affect my friendship.

The second situation, a little earlier than the first situation, that I usually wonder what would happen if something different occurred, happened at another friends house (Friend 3 for the sake of explanation). I had introduced Friend 1 to Friend 2, because I had this notion that if all my friends knew each other, we would have a great time. Although this event happens shortly after the introduction, and not on the same day, I still wanted to provide that background. Friend 1 had a sense of humor that I understood and we laughed all the time, however, on this one day it was taken too far. One day Friend 1 decided to pull Friend’s 3 pants down, this of course made him upset. I wasn’t sure what would happen, all Friend 1 said was watch this, but after the incident occurred he was the only one laughing. Needless to say Friend 3’s parents were not too thrilled about it either, and banned Friend 1 from the house.

The result of this incident, however, didn’t seem to have such a major impact, but I still wonder what would happen if he chose not to do it. Would my friends had a great time and got along, provide an enjoyable time for all of us. The only effect at this time was now I have to split my time between two good friends, however, since this happened before the first situation, I had to alternate between them. After the first situation though, it was an easy decision because I only had Friend 2 and 3.

The destiny relation, well personally I don’t think this event had any meaningful impact on my life. I still maintained both friendships, and although it was a joke gone wrong, I saw how upset my friend was and wasn’t laughing. This to me is just an unexpected twist in my life, and not really destiny controlled. Surely, we could all get along, we would still have friends, no loss really occurred.

Destiny, is it some power uncontrollable by man? My opinion is that Destiny remains uncontrollable, and although we have unexpected events in our lives, that we inadvertently determine to be destiny, but the truth is Destiny only controls long term nature of events. As it is defined in the dictionary, the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. In the first situation, if I had not broken the door, I would have not paid for the return of my friend. The event was necessary in the future. While in the second situation, either friend 1 chooses to pull friend 3’s pants down, or he doesn’t, but so far I have not encountered a situation where it has really impacted the future.My friendship ended in situation 1, so even if he choose not to and became friends with friend 3, it doesn’t impact me specifically.

I leave you all with the simple question, How has Destiny affected your life?


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