ok so I’d like to start off my first entry with the three perspectives of time. The past, the present, and of course the future.

Now from what I’ve noticed from alot of people that I’ve either befriended and even complete total strangers more often then not choose one or two of these perspectives to live by and cast the other one aside. As a result some even encourage other people to cast the same time frame aside as if it’s unimportant all together. Going into further detail lets go into the pros & cons people generally say about these three time frames.

First off, the past, people who generally have a bad past or have made alot of mistakes within their past like to forget about their past all together. People who despise their past generally cling to phrases such as “It’s in the past, let it go.” “I just want to put this thing behind me and get on with my life.” “you shouldn’t think about your past, it’s old news.” You will see this alot in dead-beat dads, drug-users, child molesters, the list goes on. Now allow me to explain there are some things people should be aware of about the past.

Yes it is bad to dwell on your own past however those who forget their past, often repeat it. which is why when you see these kinds of people who believe so devoutly in forgetting their troubles that they are more often then not, repeat offenders of the same crimes they wish to forget about. In other words, how can one improve their life if they have forgotten what has entangled them before? The utilization of ones own past allows a person to not only move on with their life but also decreases the likelihood of the same mistakes happening again resulting in a better life for you and your loved ones. “Never forget your past, but do not dwell on your regrets”Second, the present, people who cling to the future generally have a bad present because they are way too focused on what is to become of them later in life then to focus in on the issues that currently lay within their present time. People who do not like their current situation will often tell you briefly and go on socially or isolated to themselves about their fixation of plans ahead. People like this generally say phrases like “your future is everything.” “I don’t have time to waste.” “your wasting my time.”
I often find these kinds of phrases being said by, adolescent teenagers whose stress lies within the confines of their family’s lack of financial resources, intellect, or abundance of sheer stupidity, and even more when these young individuals spring into adulthood with over-flowing drive to have a successful career in order to not follow in their families foot steps but at what cost might I ask? heart-attacks? high-blood pressure? anxiety attacks? hives? Planing ahead for the future is necessary but of the people who choose to focus too much on their future often over-plan and care devoutly on such an emotional level to complete each and every task will often cause enormous amounts of mental, emotional, and yes even physical stress to themselves. This will indefinitely cause a ripple effect of stress and unsatisfactory results in within their goals they constantly set for themselves. The utilization of the present allows a person to rid their body of the stress that lay ahead of them and focus on the current issues within themselves. sadness, anger, resentment, tho may never be cured they can definitely be combated with some form of relaxation or joy your life present can offer.
“Death will come faster on your doorstep when you forget where you are”

Lastly, the future, there are individuals who often neglect their future because they are so fixated with their own happiness and joy that they are far too busy finding some form of bliss then making any kind of solid plan for their own future. People who dislike thinking about their future often take pleasure in partying, drug-use, and love interests. Among these people the phrases are spoken “Stop worrying all the time.” “Tonight, were getting fucked up.” “You don’t need plans, live in the now mannn.”

Coincidentally enough I find people who do not like to think about their future generally are pot smokers, love obsessed teenage girls, and not to forget the player boys whose primary concern is to take pictures of their own junk on their cell phones. However more often than not these people often thrust themselves into bad environments and bad situations simply by choosing not to plan ahead for what is to come. They choose to remain oblivious to how their behavior, attitude and character as a person will impact their situation later down the road. This causes people who favor their present over their future to be in danger to many unattended factors like financial debts, evictions notices, and car repossessions, and the final result, poverty. “Stand in front of a building, you will see a building. Stand on top of that building, you will see a city”

In conclusion people often play favorites and take advantage of these time frames and I am not excluding myself however take peace in mind that it is important to try to utilize all three time frames as each perspective hold many valuable life lessons but as my mother has always told me “There is always too much of a good thing no matter how good it may appear honey”


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  1. Tech Geek says:

    Very well thought out, I have to agree with this, I commonly run into single perspective people. You also forgot that present day livers typically use the YOLO phrase, they dont care about the past, or the future, they just want to do something bigger and better every single time.

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