Love at First Sight, an illusion or is there some sense?

I have always wanted to a post about love, however, when talking about love, there are so many aspects you can only focus on one at a time. Love means so much, but so little all at the same time. Sure the dictionary definition talks about a deep affection to someone, but the only reference to sexual attraction is when it is used as a verb, which is contradictory to itself, because in my opinion the example provided for the noun, actually uses love as a verb.

For simplicity sake, I will use my own definition, in hopes that everyone will understand what I mean as they continue to read. Love is a deep attraction for someone. This feeling means you want to spend the rest of your life with said person. Additionally I would like to point out that in this definition, sex is not part of the equation, because in our opinion love does not equal sex, or vice versa.

The ultimate difference between love and sex is when having sex, your looking to make yourself feel good, same for her shes just looking to make herself feel good, but when two people are passionately making love they aren’t focused on making themselves feel good they are focused on making the other person feel good.

Alright so now the question, love at first sight. I feel that love at first sight can exist, and personally I have had love at first sight because I am still desperate to get together with the love I saw in third grade. I have not had a single feeling even match how I have felt about this person, and she is distant right now, but I will always love her. But one thing is for sure, First Site love is uncommon, and I get irritated when people say oh it was love at first sight, but then they break up with said person after a couple of weeks.

Love starts as a friendship and is forged and tested through collaboration of challenges. When you have love at first sight, challenges have yet to arrive to test this love, but if you pass them when they come up, then you can safely prove that love was at first sight. Don’t classify it love at first sight, you finally decide to pare up with a long time friend, because clearly for it to be first sight love, there has to be that feeling of attraction on the first sight. All those people that say they had love at first sight, but break up a week or two latter, probably broke up during their first real challenge.

Love should be a commitment, between two people, so when you hear the words “I love you.” Think about it, because if they truly loved you, then there would be no other boyfriends, no other girlfriends, and they are supposed to be committed to one person, you.

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  1. Karateka says:

    Excellent man, this is a well endowed reflection on not only how love has affected you but what you have learned from the feeling. Remember folks, when you hear, see, or read the word commitment it is not in the marraige sence tho it can be however it’s much deeper then a piece of paper with written vows, it is an oath of friendship, affection, care, trust, respect, and honestly ladies and gentlemen, happy dating. 🙂

    • Tech Geek says:

      Dont give me all the credit, you added insight as well, it helps to identify the difference between sex and making love.

      I just want to be clear that it doesnt matter how many exes someone has, but that when they commit themselves to a person that they are only dating that one person, and have no other person with them currently.

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