True Friends

It always seems to be hard to understand what  true friend really is. There is a lot of things in the world and it all comes down to one thing or another, and that one thing is Life. Life as we know it is coming to an end because there seems to be fewer and fewer friends out there. When you finish reading this think to your self and answer the simple question whether or not you are a friend.

There seems to be a thin line between relationship types and I hope to strengthen the line that has weakened over time. there are many types and there may be exceptions but i am just going to cover the basics, such as acquaintance, friend, and best friend.

Acquaintance: This is simpler than most think and that would just be the causal person you see every day. You may talk to them and you may get together every now and then and do an activity. This is of course not an every day thing and you likely don’t know these people all that well. This could be your co-workers, or your classmates. The main point is you do know them, but you may not actually hang out with them on a daily basis. The people in your work environment don’t necessarily even have to be an acquaintance because you don’t actually know them. I mean with schools and workplaces alike you may pass someone and they may not be an acquaintance. Though those in your same department or classroom; however are because you see them everyday and are more inclined to know more about them.

Friend: This relationship is more complex because although it is higher than an acquaintance, it has many levels and that in itself makes describing it difficult. A friend is someone you know because with out knowing them how can they be friends. These people you seem to talk to more often and probably know several facts about each other. You occasionally hang out and try to make plans with each other, but beyond that there really isn’t much to a friend. Friends are those who you feel comfortable around and can give a limited trust to. Everyone has secretes some that you may not be able to tell people, but others you may tell friends but not acquaintances. Though this may not be given, it is easily assumed when you hang with these people more than twice a week.

Best Friend: This is another level of a friend, one that you consider sacred, and you may say that people are your best friends even though they are actually just your friend. Your best friends are the ones you can fully trust, and are the ones you probably can always be seen with. If you were to ask an acquaintance (classmate, or co-worker) who your friends were than these people are likely near the top of the list. These people are the ones who could probably know just about everything that goes on it your life, and would be great advisers to your problems. These people are likely to know what goes on in your inside, not what you project to others, and are likely harder to lie to because they know you so well.

In the end it is a matter of opinion, but my question to you is whether you really are a friend, or are you in another category, please feel free to express your opinions.

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