The Power of Regret

Regret, another great force that just kills you. I always seem to talk about good forces, lets talk about this force that brings burden in your life. Regret is right there with friendship  though doesn’t require friendship to be there. Regret is any thing that just makes you feel sorry for something. Don’t get this confused with Guilt as Regret is not the state of offense, but rather the burden of knowing you did it or caused it.

The Power of Regret is strong, and can put you down for minutes, hours, or even days. Regret causes depression whether you think it does or not, but there is always some level of depression involved. Regret can also cause a lack of focus, which is what happens to me sometimes. I may feel this force for the entire day, and what ever caused it, would be what i am thinking about and the only thing i am thinking about the whole entire day.

I admit there are several things i am regretful for, and there is really nothing i can do about it, and the sooner everyone realizes that, the better you may feel. I could go into more detail, but that isnt what his post is about. This was just to simply show you that i know what i am talking about 😛

The power of regret is powerful and doesn’t necessarily go away. You may regret something after something that upsets someone you care about, or even someone you don’t even know, happens. You don’t even have to do anything to regret it, I mean there may be a couple of things in my life that I may have caused that i regret, and i didn’t do it, but i can only think of one right now. The Power of regret is powerful enough to bring everything you regret back to mind just by a simple word or phrase that makes you remember one instance. You start remembering that instance and then you start thinking about all the other instances, and it can put you down for a while. you can feel the power of regret in all forms, small and big. You may regret not paying that long lost friend a dollar, or you may regret having sex at a young age. Regret can happen anywhere at anytime, and you may have never done anything that day to start getting depressed because someone reminds you of something you do regret.

Regret causing Depression whether you believe it or not, and is a power force, I mean there are suicides out there that are caused by regret, or at least the depression that is caused by regret. Don’t underestimate this powerful force. Regret can even bring up memories that you though you got over long ago. I am not one to cause negative feelings, but i want you to think about all the things you may regret, and figure out why you regret them. Once you do that and you know why you regret it, then maybe you can live a better life. Hell it may be a simple thing such as contacting that long last friend and giving him that dollar you owe him. You might just be happier knowing that you were able to put it aside long ago, and prevent it from affecting your life.

Regret is a powerful force and you should take some time every so often just to reflect on the negative things that happened in your life, it usually turns out to make you happier.

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