The Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship is a strong force that compels even the most stubborn person. You may never know just how powerful it is until you realize that everything about your relationship is true. Friendship is strong and probably one of the most strongest forces other than love that is out there. Love is another post though.

Friendship, you keep talking about it like i should know it, well to clear any thoughts about friendship, it is the one thing that keeps two people together. almost like love, but different forces. Friendship is the power of trust, you cant have friendship with out some trust in the person. while love is the attraction you have toward another. Friendship goes a long way, but it can cause issues when you start making friends with anothers enemy, and when it contradicts what you originally thought of yourself.

The power behind friendship is really based on the amount of trust you can give one person and that varies depending on the person. I know you may trust your lover, and that may seem like I am talking about love, but you have to remember that you can not have love with out first having friendship. Friendship makes you do crazy things when you are together with a friend, sometimes things you wouldn’t do on your own. Friendship can also cause Regret, but that to is another post. You really can never beat the power of friendship, and if you say you can then you are mistaken. Just because you can say no when your friend asks you to do something, doesn’t mean you beat the power, but rather avoiding it. You may be able to say no about one thing, but what about the other things. This is where the conflicts start and that is why some friends have serious problems, while others have wonderful relationships.

Friends that have a good relationship, usually have beaten the negativity in the power of Friendship and made use of the positives. Sometimes it is best to be different, and the sooner you realize that, it is at that point you will have pulled most of the negatives away from your friendship. The power of Friendship can never be truly beaten as if you ever beat the power of friendship then you wouldn’t be friends at all. The Power of Friendship is the thing that tells you a friends is in trouble, or that he or she is upset. These things, or rather voices, are actually positive aspects of the power. Take a moment to realize how much you know about your friends, and then think about how you know this information, did they tell you directly, or did you ask them. How much did you find out on your own just by being with them, this of course just shows that the power of friendship goes beyond what is told.

Think about this, and answer this simple question, How has the Power of Friendship been apart of your life?

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