Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD “The set-top was unable to record this program.”

I have had DVR service from Time Warner Cable for some time now, and although I have enjoyed it, I still find a couple of things a bit annoying. I dont want to say I hate Time Warner, or Scientific Atlanta (Cisco?), for this continuous problem. When I have various shows set up to record, every now and then I will find out that one episode is listed in my DVR list. 

This is actually irritating because when the series has recorded an episode before, but decides not to record another episode, I start falling behind in a new season. I check my Recording Log, and I find out that the show was not recorded because “The set-top was unable to record this program.” I find this error extremely annoying because it is actually really vague. This doesn’t tell me why the box was unable to record it, and after the first time this message comes, every recording scheduled after it, also doesn’t get recorded because of the same error.

I still have not figured out why this occurs, but I do know a fix for it. I view this fix as a temporary measure because it never actually prevents the problem from happening again. Every time I notice a recording that doesn’t get recorded, and I find out that this infamous unable to record message is the reason, I have to hard reboot the box. I am not talking about simply turning off the power, or a power cycle of any sort, because I turn my box off every night. I mean unplug the power cord, wait that stupid 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Understand that when you disconnect the power like that nothing will be recorded while there is no power, and any recordings during that time, may not be completed, or finish recording. Personally that means nothing if it wont save the recording anyway because of this message.

I never talked to Time Warner about this problem because unlike some people, I have researched endlessly for the solution, or the reason, and I have found many people who have the same problem and they have even had their box replaced multiple times. This problem continues to happen to them, and so why should I fight with Time Warner about it, if it doesn’t bring back the recording I lost. I figured I would at least let other people know that I have this same problem, and still have no solution.

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