Sarcasm the one thing we all hide behind. What is sarcasm, well by definition, is a harsh or bitter derision or irony, but the second definition is a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark. ( though that seems real technical, and for simplicity sake I will give my own definition. Sarcasm is a word or phrase that is not meant to be taken literately. That is all fine and dandy if you know what a phrase is, or what literately actually means in that sentence :P. Basically there is really no truth to what is being said, and can be funny but is often hurtful to others unless they know you are being sarcastic (that damned word again).

My question is simple, why must we hide behind sarcasm, i mean it is usually the only thing people here in this world. I just want to know why people use sarcasm, so i got to thinking, and that usually means I spend hours thinking about it. The use of sarcasm basically boils down to a couple of things, Entertainment,Protective Barrier, and Insults. Now you may not think sarcasm can be insulting but you would be surprised at how often that is the case.

Protection: This is actually pretty common, I mean obviously people use sarcasm to cover up their own true feelings. Sarcasm is yet another barrier that adds to ones self, I mean if you have a horrible life and hate to admit it, then you likely use sarcasm to join the crowd or make your self seem more important and happier than you normally are. Although you may not view sarcasm as a barrier there are many things you can say that make yourself feel better. I can guarantee that everyone was using sarcasm as a protective force to distance yourself from the real truth about your life. There are many ways to distance your self from your home and family, though that isn’t always a good thing, it does happen. This distance is easy to obtain though never actually possible because you have to return to reality every night when you go home. You could lead two separate lives and those that know you at work or school would never notice a thing, while others it is just to obvious.

Entertainment: Well this is actually the easy one, it is relativity simple, you use sarcasm and everyone laughs, plain and simple. Oh wait there is more, sorry to break it to you, but although sarcasm is used for entertainment, people fail to realize the damage that is actually occurring. You may think everyone knows you are playing, but there are those that always seem to think you actually mean what you say, and then you have those that you use sarcasm too much and they just stop listening even when your not sarcastic, or is there a difference. Well although there is a difference the two realities are closely related, you have the truth and you have sarcastic, or in other words the fake. if you use sarcasm often, you may want to pay attention to the expressions of your friends face when they start to wonder if it is actually real. though at that point it can be viewed as Protection, but sarcasm is usually meant as a joke, not to be taken seriously.

Insulting: Well now it is time for the sad truth, your hurt the poor guys feelings, what do you do now. Nothing, what are you serious you don’t actually think you hurt the guys feelings. Okay so we know sarcasm is meant for entertainment, but what about those who do take you seriously. Life Sucks, because there is always consequences, but how bad can sarcasm be. to be honest depending on how sarcastic you get with some of these not so understanding people, can actually cause them to kill themselves. OMG you’re a murderer, well not really, you cant help the fact they took you seriously, it just how you are, but take note of the facial expressions they tell a lot. If you get the idea that they are taking you seriously, then loosen up and show them your seriousness and apologize. OMG that is worse than murder, okay that may be true in your word but let me break it to you, and simply say that that one word goes a long way when your being sarcastic. Sarcasm is fun, but at what point is it no longer fun?

Sarcasm goes a long way, and you may not realize just how much you are using it, but once you sit down and think about it, figure out why you use sarcasm, are your protecting something inside your self, maybe you are just having fun, or perhaps your being insulting without realizing it, or worse you do it on purpose (I feel sorry for you). Do me a favor and find your reason for using sarcasm and if you are protecting your self then that is fine but take note that you have to come to reality at some point. If for entertainment, well then watch facial expressions and make sure you don’t hurt any ones feelings, it does go a long way, and you may just make more friends.

Feel free to comment, I am always looking for more ideas, and I want your opinion, to me it does matter. Perhaps I can help you understand, or even open your mind to other possibilities.


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